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The Beauty and Elegance of Engraved Glass by BlackAceDesign.com

There is no better feeling than when your work is duly recognized and appreciated. As a mark of appreciation, trophies and mementos are awarded to deserving individuals. Glass awards and trophies have become a very popular item at corporate events, political events and academic circles.

Glass awards have a very chic yet sophisticated look and feel. Previously trophies and awards were made of mainly plastics and metals. The engraved glass awards have become more popular because they look very elegant and fill the achiever's heart with immense pride. It is easy to preserve them and cleaning is also easy. Moreover, they look very attractive when placed on a mantle and bespeak of the achievement of the recipient. Remember your parents presenting, with enormous pride, the glass engraved you were presented in 8th grade for the first prize in science exhibition to their friends and relatives?

Similarly, a lot of corporate executives and marketers are recognized for their contribution to the company and at a nice award function they are presented with glass awards with their name, designation and achievement etched upon the surface and the entire thing mounted on a solid frame. The glass engraving on the surface looks super fine and can be done with ease without spoiling the surface.

What are the pros and cons of using glass awards as a way to reward excellence? The only con is that if mis-handled or dropped, the trophy can break. But any person who has toiled for his or her success will not mis-handle a coveted glass plaque or glass trophy.

Apart from being attractive, glass trophies are very durable and can be cleaned with ease. Another good thing about glass awards is that they can be easily customized or personalized. The company's logo or the schools emblem can be easily etched or embossed upon the surface. In fact, the versatility of glass also includes of it being able to be cut or moulded into any desirable shape.

Acrylic awards , plaque trophies , crystal trophies and engraved clocks : there are so many ways glass awards can be designed and personalized. They can be carved in stylish patterns and can be personalized to great extent. There is no design which cannot be etched on glass awards , in any font desirable.

But it is very important that you get the glass trophies or the engraved clocks made from a reliable company like BlackAceDesign.com . For glass awards to look attractive and presentable, it is very important that the glass being used is of superior quality and the engraving is permanent in nature so that it doesn't wither out with time. In case it does, then the charm of the award can be lost forever.

In fact this is one of the major reasons why engraved glass awards are becoming more famous. These Engravings don't wither with time and are intact forever in the beauty and elegance of a glass award or trophy .