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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

1171 reviews by customers

I love the switch blade I bought from you guys! Its beautiful and well built. I use it every day.
Richard, OK  |  2019-03-10
Phillip, AL  |  2019-03-09
I would've really liked if the knife had a pocket clip, but I can just make one myself; the knife makes up for it by having a mahogany handle. MAHOGANY!!! Mahogany is my favorite wood!
Boston, OK  |  2019-03-09
My experience has been spectacular and I will highly recommend black ace design to everyone that I can.
Craig, MO  |  2019-03-05
It was great. My girlfriend loved it. Thank you for the great customer service.
Jorge, NJ  |  2019-02-28
Absolutely satisfied with my product it was exactly what I ordered and the box was perfect for the item Thank you so much 5-star
Theresa, ME  |  2019-02-26
The knife was absolutely fantastic it feels and looks amazing.
Beth, PA  |  2019-02-25
When I tell you the item I ordered made him smile ear to ear, and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, doesn't begin to describe how happy we both were about the item we ordered. I am so looking forward to doing business with your company again! This was such a pleasant experience from the detailed shipping and arrival date emails, ease of ordering and the quality of merchandise that I ordered! Thank you so much for making Valentine's day such a hit for us!
Shannon, NC  |  2019-02-25
Thank you, this was a gift for a friend. Quality was excellent and he was stoked.
John, CA  |  2019-02-24
The compass is beautiful and very nicely engraved. We are happy with our purchase and look forward to presenting it to our intern for a graduation gift.
Shannon, CO  |  2019-02-22
I absolutely loved my purchase. Y'all did an amazing job. From the flask to the wooden box it came in! I gave it to my fiancé for our anniversary and he, as well our both of our parents and siblings, thought it was so cool and asked where I got it from. Highly recommended y'all to other friends as well! Thank you so much!
Sierra, TX  |  2019-02-22
Everything was good
Kathy, LA  |  2019-02-18
Excellent. Thank you very much.
Lorene, MA  |  2019-02-14
The knife and box set were great!
Chelsey, TX  |  2019-02-12
Love the picture frames. They are perfect.
Kathy, CA  |  2019-02-05
thumbs up Great!
Jeff, OR  |  2019-02-05
Tom loves it!
Debra, OH  |  2019-02-04
I was very happy with the final product and delivery.
David, WA  |  2019-02-02
Thank you for your easy policy on replacing the bracelet with no hassles. I am greatly satisfied by you professionalism.
Damaris, ND  |  2019-01-31
We had a good experience. The first one was engraved incorrectly, but as soon as I emailed, they rush us another one. He was very nice to work with and it was a positive experience. Thank you!
Julie, IL  |  2019-01-21
This order arrived today. The carving boards look great.
Jen, NY  |  2019-01-10
The knife I ordered from you all with the engraving turned out to be a big hit for my father. I had no issues.
Cole, TX  |  2019-01-02
Thank you for checking in. Everything showed up on time and they where Great.
Frankie, MT  |  2019-01-01
The items came in a timely manner and was exactly what I expected. Thanks!
Andrew, MI  |  2018-12-30
Shipping was on time, right before Christmas!! My husband love his gift and Im a satisfied customer, thank you!
Kahlilah, IN  |  2018-12-30
He loves it...thanks
Chris, MS  |  2018-12-30
Everything was fine. Arrived on time for Christmas.
Thomas, MD  |  2018-12-29
Everything was excellent.
Joy, GA  |  2018-12-29
It was wonderfully designed and recieved my father loved it!!!!!!
Edward, MN  |  2018-12-29
everything was great! on time and very nice thanks
Lester, MD  |  2018-12-29
Great service. I did not expect the order to be completed so fast. My son-in-law loved it. Thank you.
Janice, WI  |  2018-12-29
The gift is a hit.
Diane, VA  |  2018-12-28
thank you for getting my order to me when I needed it. It was perfect! I got this for my boyfriends birthday and he Loved it!!! Thank you again for making my gift special!!
Donna, CA  |  2018-12-27
Beautiful design, my boyfriend love it, love the quality, the delivery was fast, it was a Christmas gift, thank you. Happy holidays
Adriana, NY  |  2018-12-26
Very pleased with my order. Definitely going to be a keepsake. Thank you for the craftsmanship.
Kaye, VA  |  2018-12-25
Well, I can certainly say that your service is super prompt! I am still in the Bahamas after a horrible 2018, so I haven't actually seen the product in person, but my daughter says they are amazing.
Teri, SC  |  2018-12-25
Knife what I expected.
Sharon, TX  |  2018-12-24
I am in love with this product. Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship.....I cannot wait for my son to open this up on Christmas morning... Thank you for such prompt and professional customer service from beginning of my order thru completion. I will shop here again, no doubt!!! Very impressed new customer. 100 customer satisfaction - achieved!!!
Carrie, MI  |  2018-12-24
I would highly recommend anyone to buy this knife, and the engraving on the knife and box was beautifully done. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!
Sandra, OH  |  2018-12-24
Everything turned out good. The knives and boxes are very nice. Thank you
Stacie, TX  |  2018-12-23
It was great! It was exactly how I wanted it to be. Thank you!
Chantrece, FL  |  2018-12-22
The knife I ordered for our son-in-law is very nice, just what we wanted. Thank you!
Connie, PA  |  2018-12-22
Thank You for such a beautiful knife and shot glass set my brother in law is going to love it! It's beautiful!
Taria, AR  |  2018-12-21
They look great! Thanks so much!
David, WA  |  2018-12-19
I'm very happy with how the knife and box came out and I'm so excited to gift it to my boyfriend! Thank you!
Rachel, NM  |  2018-12-19
The Wallet and Box were perfect. My Fiancé is going to love it.
Areita, FL  |  2018-12-18
thumbs up
Mark, KY  |  2018-12-18
Pros: Nice quality wallet, love the box, packaged well, prompt delivery, fairly priced, over all great gift idea and would buy from again. Cons: Only thing is I expected the engraving to stand out more. The pictures (for black wallet) lead me to believe that it was a little more noticeable. It's very hard to see but hubby and I both agree it's still really nice and are excited to give it to our Dad.
Lauren, AL  |  2018-12-18
Fast delivery,great quality. Thanks
Lee, IA  |  2018-12-17
I love it! I can't wait for my husband to find it in his Christmas stocking!
Nita, AR  |  2018-12-17
Cuff links look great thank you!
Maria, FL  |  2018-12-15
Very satisfied with my order. The money clip was a very good value for the price. I would purchase from you again.
Kathy, NY  |  2018-12-15
Beautiful product, excellent delivery time!
Sandra, AZ  |  2018-12-15
The decanter and glasses I ordered are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!
Kelsey, OR  |  2018-12-14
The product looks great. I can't wait for him to see it in Christmas. I'm really excited to see him see it. Great work!
Sarah, SC  |  2018-12-14
Thank you for correcting my order recently. Service was excellent. I think my fiance is really going to like the bracelet.
Simone, PA  |  2018-12-13
I received my package. I am very pleased. Thank you.
Sharon, NC  |  2018-12-11
Everything was great with my order timely delivery and the quality was better than I expected for the the price.
Kenneth, AR  |  2018-12-08
I took a chance when your company popped up at my Google search 'Gifts for hunters fishermen, could have added 'who have everything'. My brother will be as thrilled with the personalized wooden box and knife as I was. Thank you! And speedy service much appreciated also!
Judith, KS  |  2018-12-08
That one was perfect! Thank you for fixing the lettering, the recipient was excited.
Cindy, OH  |  2018-12-05
The five wallets I ordered came in on time and the initials were all perfect. Thanks you a quality wallet. I believe my boys will all enjoy them.
Carla, GA  |  2018-12-04
Happy with the billfold, giving it to my son for Christmas. Thinking about ordering me one also.
Terry, IA  |  2018-11-30
I received the barrel.I am very happy with the print on the new one.Thank you very much!!
Lois, OH  |  2018-11-27
Very good!
Howard, MN  |  2018-11-26
Perfect!! Now if only there was money included in it...hehe...
Lisa, GA  |  2018-11-26
Thank you for you inquiry on my order. I was very pleased with my order. I purchased it as a gift for my husband who absolutely loved it. He thought the wallet was nice and really enjoyed the wooden box as well. Thank you for providing a wonderful product!
Dorena, LA  |  2018-11-26
It arrived. I only had time to see front before I had to hide it until Christmas. The front looked great and I'm sure he will love it. I can't wait for him to see it. We harvested our first grapes earlier this year. He will be so excited to use it. Thank you!
Alison, TX  |  2018-11-21
Every thing is fine. Thanks!
Ren, CA  |  2018-11-21
Was really nice seeing the quality. I enjoy it. Thank you.
Anuar, FL  |  2018-11-18
Each one of the 12 was very nicely engraved. Very satisfied!
Nathan, MN  |  2018-11-14
I am a return customer and I just love how crafty the work you guys did with the wedding present you made for my friends. I strongly recommended this to everyone who like to send meaningful gifts to their friends under any occasions. Also excellent customer service that makes me think that this is so much worth the price!! Please keep up this good work and I look forward to make another purchase in the future!!
Alexander, CA  |  2018-10-27
Worked out great for my guys ... thanks.
Aska, TX  |  2018-10-25
good engraving what I was looking for.
Trevor, IA  |  2018-10-24
Thanks was a wedding gift for my daughter that got marriage in Tennessee. Turned out great and they were very happy. Will be ordering again in future.
George, PA  |  2018-10-20
Good service, price and delivery!
Dennis, NJ  |  2018-10-15
Absolutely a quality product with good design/custom writing, and at a decent price. Will use again for unit going-away gifts.
David, WA  |  2018-10-14
Thank you so much! I received the order. I appreciate all you did to get my item over to me. Great quality and I love it!
Soraida, CA  |  2018-10-05
Compass was engraved beautifully and arrived well before the due date! I would definitely use your company again. My husband loves his gift. Thanks!
Donna, VA  |  2018-10-04
I absolutely loved this! It was a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday (he's obsessed with jeeps) and he uses it everyday at work! It's wonderful quality and beautiful design. Thank you so much for coming through on a wonderful product!
Megan, OH  |  2018-10-03
We were delighted with the product! It's quality exceeded expectations. I especially appreciated the email contact to insure the order would be exactly as I wanted it. I have directed friends to your website and will continue to do so. Thank you.
Jacqueline, AZ  |  2018-09-27
Just received this and it's beautiful.
Debbie, MO  |  2018-09-20
As per my husband, it's light and he enjoys the gift.
Donna, NJ  |  2018-09-14
Everything was perfect. Thx
Nikolas, NY  |  2018-09-14
I enjoyed the product..very nice..they made great gifts..
Anna, IN  |  2018-09-13
The flasks came out great thanks!
Kurt, OH  |  2018-09-13
The items were purchased as gifts for others; but they have all expressed their love for them and have been used often! I appreciate that you all offer different yet distinctive gift options that allow personalization.
Agria, SC  |  2018-09-12
They are amazing, thank you
Justin, IL  |  2018-09-09
Amazing service. There was an error with shipping (on my part, the address I sent didn't accept USPS) so it was sent back to your company. After 1 email, it was kindly sent back to a new address. Great customer service, I will definitely be ordering again.
Kristy, NY  |  2018-09-06
The person that I bought it for loved it! Thank you so much.
Addam, VA  |  2018-09-04
All good. Thanks!
Robert, NC  |  2018-09-01
We ordered the wallet for our son's graduation from trade school. He loved it! Thank you.
Michelle, MI  |  2018-08-30
We love our barrel! It's our 4th or 5th and I'm sure it's not our last!
Monica, CA  |  2018-08-29
The knife is good value. We engraved the knife with a name and presented it to a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Texas Army National guard, the Lieutenant was thrilled.
Robert, TX  |  2018-08-29
Everything was perfect and I received the package before the delivery date. Any questions that I had were responded to within a very reasonable amount of time. I am 100 satisfied with my experience and plan on making future purchases. Thank you so much.
Kelli, MO  |  2018-08-28
Everything was exactly how I hoped it would be. It got to my mailbox sooner than I thought and looked amazing. Thank you for asking, I will more than likely buy from you again for gifts for my family.
Shayna, CA  |  2018-08-28
It was a father's day gift for my dad and he loved it. He said the box was a coffin for his old wallet that hes had for 18 years so he put the old one in the box and shows the new one off to anyone who will listen.
Julie, TX  |  2018-08-26
Thank you for checking in. The replacement box was perfect and the sets look amazing. Thank you so much for resolving the issue so quickly. It definitely helped alleviate some stress.
Brady, MO  |  2018-08-24
I have no complaints! Excellent service and product.
Zachary, TN  |  2018-08-21
I received my merchandise and it looks great!
Raymond, AZ  |  2018-08-19