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BlackAceDesign.com Facebook Fan Page Contest

Receive a FREE Personalized Gift by Winning our Facebook.com Fan Page Contest!

We are recently new to Facebook and are looking at increasing the Social Networking of our site, we couldn't think of a better way to do it but to have a contest! For the month of March (2011) we are having a contest to see who can bring the most "fans" to our BlackAceDesign.com Fan Page on Facebook. The winner of the contest will receive a FREE Personalized gift, delivered to their front door (shipped to any address in the USA).
How do you win the contest? Simple. Visit our BlackAceDesign.com Fan Page on Facebook.com and follow these *3 simple steps:

1. Click the "Like" button on our fan page
(important first step!)

2. Vote for the person who referred you.
(click the "like" button next to youreferrer's comment)

3.Write a comment in the contest post.
(so people can vote for you! we recommend a comment like "Vote for me!" or "I want a free gift!")

That's it, you're done!
We will monitor the comments and voting closely. Then come April 1st, 2011 we will tally the results and announce a winner. Whoever brings the most fans to our Facebook Company page and receives the most votes will receive a FREE Gift personalized by the winner (hopefully you) and delivered to your home (or to any address in the USA)!
What personalized gift can the winner choose from? So glad you asked. Any item in the following Category or Sub-Category:

Personalized Picture Frames

That's right, any gift in those categories! No gimmicks or tricks here, just a good ole fashion contest. And you know, Mother's Day is right around the corner, followed by Father's Day soon after. Don't you think you know someone in your life (or maybe just you) that would like a Personalized Picture Frame? They are great items to put on your/their desk or shelf at home or work. Maybe you know somebody who recently had a baby and a personalized baby frame would be the perfect gift!? Are you a sports fan, someone in the military or know someone getting married soon? All personalized picture frames are part of this contest!
Spread the word! April will be here before you know it and the contest will be over! Don't miss out on this chance to reward yourself with a FREE personalized gift or a nice gift to a deserving individual (you know your Mom can be a pain sometimes, but you still love her so very much).
Here are some suggestions on how to get the word out on this contest:

Share this contest with your FB friends by posting it to your Wall (there is this cool "share" button on the contest post that makes it really easy)

"Like" our Facebook Post about this contest

Send emails to your friends on Facebook regarding this contest

Tweet a link about our BlackAceDesign.com Fan Page on Twitter

Tell your co-workers/friends/family to just join Facebook already and become a Fan of BlackAceDesign.com on Facebook!

We don't care how you do it, the options are endless and are completely at your own discretion! The more ways you find to get the word out, the better your chances of winning this unique contest!
We look forward to seeing you on Facebook and announcing a winner on April 1st, 2011!
Good Luck Facebook-ers!

**Step #1 is the most important step. In order to win the contest, all the people you refer to our company fan page (and cast vote for you) must "like" our Facebook Fan. We cannot count a vote for you unless they complete this very important first step!

*Step #2 and #3 are optional. You do not have to vote for the person who referred you, we just recommend it if you want to stay facebook friends with them. :) You do not have to comment on the post if you don't want to be a part of the contest.