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1,189 reviews by customers

It was great!
Alice, IL 03-22-2020
Everything is great! Thank you!
Mat, CA 11-26-2019
Thanks, great quality money clip.
Michael, FL 11-24-2019
Very impressed with quality of product. Customer support was very helpful with any questions I had. Will definitely buy from again.
Dylan, NJ 11-11-2019
The actual item was gorgeous and well made. The engraving was perfect. Plus, the delivery was lightening fast. Thank you. I'm sure my son is going to love it.
Dr. Gary, NY 05-31-2019
I wanted to say how impressed I was with when I opened the box. I have a husband who has everything, and is SO HARD to buy gifts for! Your unique STOGIE barrel was a perfect bday gift for him!!!! The quality was exceptional! He was pleasantly surprised and pleased with his gift I KNOW he thought I would stake out again(lol), instead I hit a home run! Thank you for your creativity, and fantastic workmanship. I am sure you might be getting more orders once the guys come over for cigar night :) Thank You again!
Laure, NY 05-08-2019
It is perfect and I can't thank you enough for fixing the last problem!!!! I will be sharing this with all my friends and I will be ordering several more soon!!!
John, PA 04-28-2019
Loved the compass and engraving
Linda, MI 04-26-2019
It arrived early, so thank you for that! I did take a peek and it looks fabulous. It is a gift that that my daughter will be giving today to her best man (brother) at her wedding.
Linda, VA 04-14-2019
I am so happy with the product it looks beautiful! Thank you so much to technical support for all of your help. I am so glad I found this, it is going to make a great anniversary gift. Thanks a lot.
Grace, FL 04-13-2019
I love the picture frame.
Yvette, OH 04-09-2019
Everything was perfect. Thank you very much.
Osheah, AZ 04-08-2019
Nice knife, Fair Price
Robert, TX 04-05-2019
Product seems pretty good so far. I'm not sure if you guys manufacture your own blades or not, but it seems pretty sharp, would prefer a different metal that's easier to sharpen and maintain, like high carbon steel or titanium or. Something. But other than that it's very nice.
Rhys, KY 04-04-2019
It arrived quicker than expected and was absolutely amazing. Thank you!
Sonia, TN 04-02-2019
I have only one word to say AWESOME!!!!! Perfect gift, and he is going to love the glass flasks. We will be a regular customer!! Thank you.
Virginia, TX 03-30-2019
Everything looked great. I appreciate it!
Joey, NC 03-29-2019
Thank you so much my order was received before time due and I loved the finished product. I'm sure my husband will love it! Perfect!
Karen, AR 03-24-2019
I love the switch blade I bought from you guys! Its beautiful and well built. I use it every day.
Richard, OK 03-10-2019
Phillip, AL 03-09-2019
I would've really liked if the knife had a pocket clip, but I can just make one myself; the knife makes up for it by having a mahogany handle. MAHOGANY!!! Mahogany is my favorite wood!
Boston, OK 03-09-2019
My experience has been spectacular and I will highly recommend black ace design to everyone that I can.
Craig, MO 03-05-2019
It was great. My girlfriend loved it. Thank you for the great customer service.
Jorge, NJ 02-28-2019
Absolutely satisfied with my product it was exactly what I ordered and the box was perfect for the item Thank you so much 5-star
Theresa, ME 02-26-2019
When I tell you the item I ordered made him smile ear to ear, and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, doesn't begin to describe how happy we both were about the item we ordered. I am so looking forward to doing business with your company again! This was such a pleasant experience from the detailed shipping and arrival date emails, ease of ordering and the quality of merchandise that I ordered! Thank you so much for making Valentine's day such a hit for us!
Shannon, NC 02-25-2019
The knife was absolutely fantastic it feels and looks amazing.
Beth, PA 02-25-2019
Thank you, this was a gift for a friend. Quality was excellent and he was stoked.
John, CA 02-24-2019
I absolutely loved my purchase. Y'all did an amazing job. From the flask to the wooden box it came in! I gave it to my fiancÚ for our anniversary and he, as well our both of our parents and siblings, thought it was so cool and asked where I got it from. Highly recommended y'all to other friends as well! Thank you so much!
Sierra, TX 02-22-2019
The compass is beautiful and very nicely engraved. We are happy with our purchase and look forward to presenting it to our intern for a graduation gift.
Shannon, CO 02-22-2019
Everything was good
Kathy, LA 02-18-2019
Excellent. Thank you very much.
Lorene, MA 02-14-2019
The knife and box set were great!
Chelsey, TX 02-12-2019
Love the picture frames. They are perfect.
Kathy, CA 02-05-2019
thumbs up Great!
Jeff, OR 02-05-2019
Tom loves it!
Debra, OH 02-04-2019
I was very happy with the final product and delivery.
David, WA 02-02-2019
Thank you for your easy policy on replacing the bracelet with no hassles. I am greatly satisfied by you professionalism.
Damaris, ND 01-31-2019
We had a good experience. The first one was engraved incorrectly, but as soon as I emailed, they rush us another one. He was very nice to work with and it was a positive experience. Thank you!
Julie, IL 01-21-2019
This order arrived today. The carving boards look great.
Jen, NY 01-10-2019
The knife I ordered from you all with the engraving turned out to be a big hit for my father. I had no issues.
Cole, TX 01-02-2019
Thank you for checking in. Everything showed up on time and they where Great.
Frankie, MT 01-01-2019
Shipping was on time, right before Christmas!! My husband love his gift and Im a satisfied customer, thank you!
Kahlilah, IN 12-30-2018
He loves it...thanks
Chris, MS 12-30-2018
The items came in a timely manner and was exactly what I expected. Thanks!
Andrew, MI 12-30-2018
It was wonderfully designed and recieved my father loved it!!!!!!
Edward, MN 12-29-2018
Everything was fine. Arrived on time for Christmas.
Thomas, MD 12-29-2018
Great service. I did not expect the order to be completed so fast. My son-in-law loved it. Thank you.
Janice, WI 12-29-2018
everything was great! on time and very nice thanks
Lester, MD 12-29-2018
Everything was excellent.
Joy, GA 12-29-2018
The gift is a hit.
Diane, VA 12-28-2018
thank you for getting my order to me when I needed it. It was perfect! I got this for my boyfriends birthday and he Loved it!!! Thank you again for making my gift special!!
Donna, CA 12-27-2018
Beautiful design, my boyfriend love it, love the quality, the delivery was fast, it was a Christmas gift, thank you. Happy holidays
Adriana, NY 12-26-2018
Well, I can certainly say that your service is super prompt! I am still in the Bahamas after a horrible 2018, so I haven't actually seen the product in person, but my daughter says they are amazing.
Teri, SC 12-25-2018
Very pleased with my order. Definitely going to be a keepsake. Thank you for the craftsmanship.
Kaye, VA 12-25-2018
I would highly recommend anyone to buy this knife, and the engraving on the knife and box was beautifully done. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!
Sandra, OH 12-24-2018
I am in love with this product. Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship.....I cannot wait for my son to open this up on Christmas morning... Thank you for such prompt and professional customer service from beginning of my order thru completion. I will shop here again, no doubt!!! Very impressed new customer. 100 customer satisfaction - achieved!!!
Carrie, MI 12-24-2018
Knife what I expected.
Sharon, TX 12-24-2018
Everything turned out good. The knives and boxes are very nice. Thank you
Stacie, TX 12-23-2018
The knife I ordered for our son-in-law is very nice, just what we wanted. Thank you!
Connie, PA 12-22-2018
It was great! It was exactly how I wanted it to be. Thank you!
Chantrece, FL 12-22-2018
Thank You for such a beautiful knife and shot glass set my brother in law is going to love it! It's beautiful!
Taria, AR 12-21-2018
I'm very happy with how the knife and box came out and I'm so excited to gift it to my boyfriend! Thank you!
Rachel, NM 12-19-2018
They look great! Thanks so much!
David, WA 12-19-2018
The Wallet and Box were perfect. My FiancÚ is going to love it.
Areita, FL 12-18-2018
Pros: Nice quality wallet, love the box, packaged well, prompt delivery, fairly priced, over all great gift idea and would buy from again. Cons: Only thing is I expected the engraving to stand out more. The pictures (for black wallet) lead me to believe that it was a little more noticeable. It's very hard to see but hubby and I both agree it's still really nice and are excited to give it to our Dad.
Lauren, AL 12-18-2018
I love it! I can't wait for my husband to find it in his Christmas stocking!
Nita, AR 12-17-2018
Fast delivery,great quality. Thanks
Lee, IA 12-17-2018
Cuff links look great thank you!
Maria, FL 12-15-2018
Beautiful product, excellent delivery time!
Sandra, AZ 12-15-2018
Very satisfied with my order. The money clip was a very good value for the price. I would purchase from you again.
Kathy, NY 12-15-2018
The product looks great. I can't wait for him to see it in Christmas. I'm really excited to see him see it. Great work!
Sarah, SC 12-14-2018
The decanter and glasses I ordered are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!
Kelsey, OR 12-14-2018
Thank you for correcting my order recently. Service was excellent. I think my fiance is really going to like the bracelet.
Simone, PA 12-13-2018
I received my package. I am very pleased. Thank you.
Sharon, NC 12-11-2018
Everything was great with my order timely delivery and the quality was better than I expected for the the price.
Kenneth, AR 12-08-2018
I took a chance when your company popped up at my Google search 'Gifts for hunters fishermen, could have added 'who have everything'. My brother will be as thrilled with the personalized wooden box and knife as I was. Thank you! And speedy service much appreciated also!
Judith, KS 12-08-2018
That one was perfect! Thank you for fixing the lettering, the recipient was excited.
Cindy, OH 12-05-2018
The five wallets I ordered came in on time and the initials were all perfect. Thanks you a quality wallet. I believe my boys will all enjoy them.
Carla, GA 12-04-2018
Happy with the billfold, giving it to my son for Christmas. Thinking about ordering me one also.
Terry, IA 11-30-2018
I received the barrel.I am very happy with the print on the new one.Thank you very much!!
Lois, OH 11-27-2018
Thank you for you inquiry on my order. I was very pleased with my order. I purchased it as a gift for my husband who absolutely loved it. He thought the wallet was nice and really enjoyed the wooden box as well. Thank you for providing a wonderful product!
Dorena, LA 11-26-2018
Perfect!! Now if only there was money included in it...hehe...
Lisa, GA 11-26-2018
Very good!
Howard, MN 11-26-2018
Every thing is fine. Thanks!
Ren, CA 11-21-2018
It arrived. I only had time to see front before I had to hide it until Christmas. The front looked great and I'm sure he will love it. I can't wait for him to see it. We harvested our first grapes earlier this year. He will be so excited to use it. Thank you!
Alison, TX 11-21-2018
Was really nice seeing the quality. I enjoy it. Thank you.
Anuar, FL 11-18-2018
Each one of the 12 was very nicely engraved. Very satisfied!
Nathan, MN 11-14-2018
I am a return customer and I just love how crafty the work you guys did with the wedding present you made for my friends. I strongly recommended this to everyone who like to send meaningful gifts to their friends under any occasions. Also excellent customer service that makes me think that this is so much worth the price!! Please keep up this good work and I look forward to make another purchase in the future!!
Alexander, CA 10-27-2018
Worked out great for my guys ... thanks.
Aska, TX 10-25-2018
good engraving what I was looking for.
Trevor, IA 10-24-2018
Thanks was a wedding gift for my daughter that got marriage in Tennessee. Turned out great and they were very happy. Will be ordering again in future.
George, PA 10-20-2018
Good service, price and delivery!
Dennis, NJ 10-15-2018
Absolutely a quality product with good design/custom writing, and at a decent price. Will use again for unit going-away gifts.
David, WA 10-14-2018
Thank you so much! I received the order. I appreciate all you did to get my item over to me. Great quality and I love it!
Soraida, CA 10-05-2018
Compass was engraved beautifully and arrived well before the due date! I would definitely use your company again. My husband loves his gift. Thanks!
Donna, VA 10-04-2018
I absolutely loved this! It was a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday (he's obsessed with jeeps) and he uses it everyday at work! It's wonderful quality and beautiful design. Thank you so much for coming through on a wonderful product!
Megan, OH 10-03-2018
We were delighted with the product! It's quality exceeded expectations. I especially appreciated the email contact to insure the order would be exactly as I wanted it. I have directed friends to your website and will continue to do so. Thank you.
Jacqueline, AZ 09-27-2018
Just received this and it's beautiful.
Debbie, MO 09-20-2018
As per my husband, it's light and he enjoys the gift.
Donna, NJ 09-14-2018
Everything was perfect. Thx
Nikolas, NY 09-14-2018
I enjoyed the product..very nice..they made great gifts..
Anna, IN 09-13-2018
The flasks came out great thanks!
Kurt, OH 09-13-2018
The items were purchased as gifts for others; but they have all expressed their love for them and have been used often! I appreciate that you all offer different yet distinctive gift options that allow personalization.
Agria, SC 09-12-2018
They are amazing, thank you
Justin, IL 09-09-2018
Amazing service. There was an error with shipping (on my part, the address I sent didn't accept USPS) so it was sent back to your company. After 1 email, it was kindly sent back to a new address. Great customer service, I will definitely be ordering again.
Kristy, NY 09-06-2018
The person that I bought it for loved it! Thank you so much.
Addam, VA 09-04-2018
All good. Thanks!
Robert, NC 09-01-2018
We ordered the wallet for our son's graduation from trade school. He loved it! Thank you.
Michelle, MI 08-30-2018
We love our barrel! It's our 4th or 5th and I'm sure it's not our last!
Monica, CA 08-29-2018
The knife is good value. We engraved the knife with a name and presented it to a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Texas Army National guard, the Lieutenant was thrilled.
Robert, TX 08-29-2018
Everything was perfect and I received the package before the delivery date. Any questions that I had were responded to within a very reasonable amount of time. I am 100 satisfied with my experience and plan on making future purchases. Thank you so much.
Kelli, MO 08-28-2018
Everything was exactly how I hoped it would be. It got to my mailbox sooner than I thought and looked amazing. Thank you for asking, I will more than likely buy from you again for gifts for my family.
Shayna, CA 08-28-2018
It was a father's day gift for my dad and he loved it. He said the box was a coffin for his old wallet that hes had for 18 years so he put the old one in the box and shows the new one off to anyone who will listen.
Julie, TX 08-26-2018
Thank you for checking in. The replacement box was perfect and the sets look amazing. Thank you so much for resolving the issue so quickly. It definitely helped alleviate some stress.
Brady, MO 08-24-2018
I have no complaints! Excellent service and product.
Zachary, TN 08-21-2018
I received my merchandise and it looks great!
Raymond, AZ 08-19-2018
Thank you! I got it!! I love it!
Stephanie, FL 08-16-2018
We have received the bottles and they look great. Thanks again for your great service and look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Chris, OH 08-15-2018
Everything on both orders was perfect. Thank you
Ronnie, MI 08-09-2018
Love your work . My only issue is that this wallet/money holder is very square as opposed to my previous one which was rounded at the corners. Because if this one being pointed at the tips it's going to cause an issue with all of my jeans/pants that I wear in the future wearing out the back pocket.
Thomas, NY 07-31-2018
It was decent, (because of the large amount of letters) I didn't realize how small the letters would be on the engraving, but good enough.
Jeff, MD 07-29-2018
Thank you for the speedy delivery. I am pleased with the product.
Niki, IL 07-13-2018
Love, love, love the wallet for my nephew's graduation! Everything from placing the order to receiving the order was seamless. Thank you very much!!! You guyz are awesome!!
Patricia, CA 06-18-2018
Just wanted to say thank you for re-sending the tray with out any hesitation. Also, I have received many compliments on the tray, they all thought it was pretty cool and a great idea.
Kim, NY 06-17-2018
The laser engravings, handwork, and box presentation were really wonderful! My son was very happy and showed off your work to everyone! Thank you!
Nick, CA 06-13-2018
Everything turned out great! Everyone loved the barrels. Thank you for your help!
Christine, GA 06-13-2018
Wallet was a gift. It arrived quickly and seemed to be of good quality. Totally satisfied!
Lori, ME 06-13-2018
The 5 pocket knives I ordered look great!
Robert, WI 06-11-2018
The products we received were perfect - as usual. I appreciate your quick turn-around time.
Joan, MI 06-02-2018
This was a graduation gift for our son and he loved it.
Matthew, KY 05-23-2018
Nice set ordering again thanks
Heath, TN 05-12-2018
Great! Very happy with he silver frame ornament.
Gina, ID 05-01-2018
the name engraving part kind of looked like a crayon to be honest but everything else was cool. My groomsmen was happy with it.
John, CA 04-18-2018
The billfold that we ordered looks Great. It is for a gift in May for confirmation so hope he will like it as well. Thanks.
Shirlie, NE 04-18-2018
Sorry for the late reply. I just want to say this is an art piece and I love it very much. I bet my friend will love it as well. Also I believe you will hear more about me soon when ordering more of your products. Really appreciate the 5 stars product and 5 stars services.
Alexander, CA 04-17-2018
everything was great
Richard, IL 04-16-2018
Everything was amazing, from quality of glass, to engraving, to beautiful wood box and overall packaging. Very impressed and my brother loved it! Thank you and the entire team who put this all together.
Matt, CT 04-15-2018
My wife is a breeder of Labrador Retrievers and I ordered a sign with a lab on it,It was a big hit with her. She has it hanging in her kennels ..many thanks!
Faber, PA 04-15-2018
Guys, The newest barrel turned out really well again. 2nd barrel I have purchased as gifts and both people love them. Thanks for your the great work, quick processing and shipment.
Erik, FL 04-15-2018
Everything looked really nice. Thank you. Have recommended you guys to others.
Marcia, PA 04-14-2018
We were all very pleased with our item and even my husband said it was very cool. Very well done and an awesome show piece!! Great job, thank you so much!!!!
Margaret, NJ 04-14-2018
It was great thank you
Robert, NC 04-14-2018
Our friends were thrilled! Thank you for the quick shipment.
Jacob, CT 04-13-2018
A very nice barrel. Thanks.
Don and Janet, LA 04-13-2018
Wasn't sure about these based on the picture but everything was great. Thanks!
Jesse, NY 04-11-2018
Quality for the money which is what I was expecting. Thanks y'all.
Lorraine, CA 04-11-2018
Very good, my item had arrived a little earlier than the expected delivery date. The barrel looked small, until it was time to fill it, then it was right on the money. Overall I was satisfied with my purchase and your company.
Matthew, NY 04-10-2018
It was amazing! I was very happy with my order. Thank y'all so much!
Ali, WV 04-07-2018
Solid knife looking forward to using it. Thank you for reaching out.
Anthony, WI 04-04-2018
Seems like a strong clip. Gift box was nice touch.
Brenda, GA 04-02-2018
I think these are going to make great gifts. Overall these are fantastic.
Houston, MI 03-15-2018
Put a smile on his face which is what I was hoping. Thank you again!
Kelly, NC 03-13-2018
Thank you so much! The wallet that I purchased and received was exactly what I was hoping for. My husband loved it. That box that it came in was also very nice. I am extremely happy with the product and the service.
Amanda, OH 02-08-2018
Great gift ... he loved it!
Debby, OH 02-03-2018
I was totally happy with the personal knifes I bought for my husband and son.. got them speedy quick... and am totally satisfied with my dealings with this company and would highly suggest them to others and would use them again!
Edward, KS 02-01-2018
My dad loved it!!! You guys nailed it!
William, NJ 01-18-2018
It was great. My boyfriend loved it as a Christmas gift. I recommended you to my mom. I will definitely purchase again.
Katrina, VA 01-15-2018
The watch I ordered made the perfect Christmas gift. It was well received. Thank you for a quality product shipped in a timely manner!
Kim, AL 01-14-2018
The set exceeded expectations. Will order again.
Damian, CA 01-13-2018
It was good product was made very nice just waiting on my other order from yall
Jaime, AZ 12-28-2017
Everything work out well thanks
Ray, VA 12-26-2017
Thank you so much! We appreciate the help with replacing this and are very happy with the new one!
Joe, CA 12-16-2017
Great service. Thank you!
Sharon, MA 12-14-2017
Satisfied, but would have liked for there to be a way for the wallet to stay closed. Maybe a small clasp or magnet at edge or built-in band that wraps around the whole thing.
Jeff, CA 12-13-2017
I was very satisfied. Thank you.
Sandra, NY 12-12-2017
It was perfect
Loyce, NC 12-11-2017
All good thanks.
Mike, VA 12-10-2017
Product was awesome. Box it came in was really nice.
James, AL 12-10-2017
It looks great, thanks for all the help with this one.
Mary Lou, KY 12-09-2017
AWSOME!. It is a gift for two close friends and they will love it.....Hope they decide I need one too! Well done!
Eric, SC 12-01-2017
Can't thank you guys enough, it was much nice than I had expected! For the price online I thought it might be cheaply made but it was not at all! Bought it for my father in law. I can't wait to see his face when he gets it. Thank you guys beyond excited to give my bad ass father in law a bad ass gift!
Fallon, VA 11-30-2017
It was beautiful. The font for the (one liter) was a bit small and hard to read though.
Chelsea, CO 11-30-2017
My first order was perfect, I ordered another barrel however I haven't received it yet. I'm sure it will be fine also.
Mary Lou, KY 11-30-2017
I was really impressed with this company. I received an email that they were having difficulty locating the item I ordered and asked if I wanted a refund. I replied that I really needed it - or anything even similar to it - by the date I had requested. It was a gift for one of my employees on his 60th birthday and we were presenting it to him at a surprise party. The person emailing me, Dan, was able to find it and ship it in time. It arrived even sooner than I anticipated and was exactly what I hoped. My employee was so happy with it and it was a huge hit! I had an all around excellent experience with your company and will recommend it to anyone. Special thanks to Dan for coming through!
Marisol, NY 11-29-2017
I've been wanting to get this for my son for over a year. It was his birthday November 23 and he absolutely loved it.
Bobbi, MN 11-25-2017
Very happy with my order!
Donna, NC 11-12-2017
Overall I really liked the product and my groomsmen did too. If there was one thing I would point out, the bottles seems dirty, not cleaned when sent. Also, a couple of the wooden boxes had scuff marks on the face of the lids. For me Its really all about the small details that set companies apart in my mind. Other than that, they worked out good.
Chris, WA 11-12-2017
Everything was exactly as I wanted it. Fast service, great communication, very enjoyable experience through. Highly recommend.
Douglas, PA 11-06-2017
Very satisfied.
Blaine, VA 11-06-2017
My product was received in a timely manner and it looks nice, it was a bit smaller than I thought it would be and I don't think that it is over priced. I am happy with my purchase and service and my son enjoyed his gift.
Candace, IN 10-04-2017
Love my wood and metal vineyards tray!! Perfect for my Italian themed kitchen. Thank you Black Ace Design!!
Sharon, OH 10-03-2017
It was perfect. Thank you so much for taking pride in your work and sending me another product that was to the standard I expected from the first order that was damaged. My son in law loves them.
Kim, KY 10-03-2017
My order was perfect. I had specific instructions that were followed exactly. And the order came sooner than the estimated date given.
Shde, MI 08-22-2017
The wallet was a gift to my fiance and he loved it! The only improvement you can aim for is making it a bit more spacious. Thanks for the design
Abeer, OH 08-22-2017
This was purchased as a gift for a family member. Family member loved item. i'm very happy with item and the speedy shipping.
Goerge, FL 08-22-2017
Everything turned out great... thanks!
Bryce, NV 08-22-2017
We were so pleased with the knife we ordered for our grandson. We look forward to doing business with you again. We are always looking for unique gift ideas and your company fits our needs. Thanks!
Mary, TX 08-21-2017
They looked great! I wish the stopper would have been a little nicer but all in all they were nice.
Jonathan, IL 08-10-2017
Thank you very much for replacing the barrel. I appreciate the great customer service. Looking forward to the next batch.
Palmer, OH 08-10-2017
This was the third Barrel we have ordered from you. We love the product and have never had an issue with any leaking. We found them online cheaper but it was worth a premium knowing it would be made right! Thank you!
Alysia, CO 08-10-2017
I bought the plaque for my brother in law. He loved it! :) Thanks! :)
Kelly, MO 08-10-2017
Wallet is great I really wish it closed and had a latching feature.
Nic, NM 08-10-2017
All looks good!
Christina, WI 07-21-2017
Love the product. This is a great gift for people in my company. I like them so much I had to get me one! Thank you for a great product and great service.
Lee, FL 07-21-2017
Everything was great! Really like how the personalized elements turned out. I hope to order a barrel for myself in the future, since this was a gift to a friend. Thanks for following up! Have a great day!
Phil, CA 07-21-2017
It was great! Thanks so much for your assistance and for keeping within my tight time restrictions. I plan on sending you pictures of the cufflinks in use at my wedding once I have them in my possession.
Peter, CT 07-21-2017
I am very satisfied with the order exactly how I wanted it! Great service thank you
Cheved, NJ 07-20-2017
This was a wedding gift but they were both very pleased with the product and workmanship. Kudos!
Jeff & Heather, IA 07-20-2017
Love the barrel. Squirrel took all my grapes. No wine this year. :/
Casey, TX 07-20-2017
The gift that I ordered was perfect. It was for very close friend celebrating his 75th Birthday. It turns out that several years ago he had to give up his prized Buck knife at an airport. This one turned out to be the perfect replacement. Thank you very much.
Andy, AZ 07-19-2017
I'm satisfied with the gift. However, the writing could have been a lot darke, it was difficult to read on some areas.
Harvey, TX 07-18-2017
Came out looking really great!
Kasandra, OK 07-09-2017
sturdy zippo quality thank you!
Cindy, CO 07-05-2017
strong clip and fast thanks
Dominick, FL 07-02-2017
It is awesome. Shared your site with many friends.
Mark, CA 06-22-2017
Things were great! Thank you my dad loved it for Father's Day!
Bob, OH 06-22-2017
Your product was a huge success. My Dad loved it. The quality was at its finest.
Thomas, NY 06-15-2017
Everything was great my husband loved it ! Thank you
Amy, LA 06-06-2017
Oh yes i really love it thanks
Linda, MA 06-06-2017
Awesome! Just perfect!
Steve, CT 06-05-2017
It was great!
Greg, CO 06-04-2017
Was good quality. Can't beat the Money clip magnet. Holds a Lot of bills and they don't move. That's what I like. Also holds a great deal of cards. Thank you. Excellent product. Only wish you made an all black one. Let me know if and when you do
Kenneteh, NC 06-03-2017
Perfect. Everything was perfect.
Cameron, MO 05-25-2017
I was overall very pleased with my order. I purchased 7 of the personalized hammers for my groomsmen. Each box looks very nice, and the engraving on both the box and the hammer was done exactly as I had wished. I think my groomsmen will really like these hammers. The only constructive criticism I could offer would be: 1) Some retail sticker residue was still left on the handles of the hammers. To avoid collecting of dirt and lint, this would be nice to be removed. 2) The boxes are made of a lightweight wood material. Shouldn't be an issue since I know no one intends to use it like a toolbox, but it was lighter than expected. A heavier construction would be nice as the boxes seem somewhat fragile. But again, all in all, very pleased with the purchase. Thank you!
Jay, IN 05-25-2017
Everything is great now. I had to get 2 replacement boxes sent because of script being not up to par on a couple of the first order. Easy and very good customer service.
Andrew, IL 05-25-2017
The leather wallet was really nice
Frances, NY 05-25-2017
Looks great thank you the boss likes it goes great at the hunt camp
Kelly, KS 05-24-2017
Everything with my order turned out perfectly! Ordering and tracking my item's progress was a breeze, and once it was completed, shipping was faster than I expected. I will definitely recommend this site to my friends.
Anna, OH 05-24-2017
Hey the watches look awesome! I really appreciate you helping me find a replacement product for the one that was out of stock. I'll definitely keep you guys in mind for the future!
Matt, MI 05-24-2017
Thank you The lettering looks little choppy. Other then that I like it.
Seth, CA 05-11-2017
I received my shipment before the estimated date which is great! and am very impressed with your product.
Kathie, CA 05-10-2017
It is perfect! Thank you!
Myrna, FL 05-09-2017
I received it yesterday. It is absolutely wonderful.
Kelly, WV 05-09-2017
It was great! Fast delivery too! My husband loved it! Thank you! :)
Alexandra, FL 05-05-2017
Was very pleased with the product and quick turn-around. My husband loved his gift! Thank you!!
Bethany, PA 05-05-2017
They turned out great and everyone loved them good job on the promptness and the cure process did not take the that long on anyone of them. Mine actually cured in two days.. Many memories will come from yalls hard work Thank You!
Jacob, LA 04-30-2017
Everything came out great, I won the best husband on Facebook award. You also beat shipping expectations which was great.
Keith, CT 04-28-2017
I am happy with my purchase. Product was as described and is great. It was delivered very quickly, more than 3 weeks earlier than promised. Great service and product!
Mury, AZ 04-27-2017
Was great, very happy with my purchases!
John, CA 04-26-2017
Thank you. It was small but a very nice knife.
Joshua, TX 04-22-2017
My guys loved them. Thanks.
Cesar, FL 04-14-2017
Everything was great! Thank you!
Toni, CA 04-13-2017
Everything was fantastic! Laser engraving was perfect!
Jack, TX 04-12-2017
Everything looks great.
Andrew, NV 04-05-2017
Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
Roland, NH 04-04-2017
Very happy with my purchase and your service. I will not hesitate to order from you again. Thanks!
Erin, TX 04-04-2017
I'm very pleased with the order! Fast shipping and was kept up to date on where my order was in the process. I would definitely order from you again! Thank you!
Heather, OH 04-03-2017
I appreciated the quick order completion and shipping! Will definitely order from your site again.
Cassandra, CT 04-03-2017
Very happy with how it turned out! My friend loved it. Only thing I would change is try to match the stand stain with the barrel. I'm sure that is tough with it being a different type of wood. Thanks again!
Charles, AZ 03-31-2017
thank you so much for my new barrel, is beautiful! and exactly how I envision it. I know my husband will love it when he comes back from traveling.
Edwina, NV 03-27-2017
The service was very good. The quality of the product was very nice as well. Thank y'all for a wonderful overall experience.
Joseph, TX 03-22-2017
Love the knives! Thank you, it was a give for our retiring Cub Master and committee chair for cub scouts.
Matthew, MI 03-21-2017
Thank you. Ordered one pocket knife with personal signature. Its a gift for an Eagle Scout and I hope its something he owns for the rest of his life.
Michael, CA 03-21-2017
Received the canvas print in less time than expected. The print was of good quality.
Marilyn, MN 03-21-2017
Good thank you
William, PA 03-20-2017
everything was on point thank you
Ricky, TN 03-20-2017
Thanks much!!
Donald, MA 03-18-2017
The product was received and was great. Thank you!
Cindy, FL 03-15-2017
Turned out great thank you!
Joshua, OH 03-05-2017
Scott, WA 02-27-2017
Received the knife in a timely manner. Looks Great. Just what I was looking for.
Dannie, OH 02-26-2017
It was very nice and is a perfect gift for my boss.
Tomomi, NY 02-25-2017
It was great! Looks great! We have already filled it and it is sitting on our bar. Thank you for this!
Jessica, MO 02-22-2017
The cufflinks were a huge hit with my boyfriend!!! He loved them!
Maura, IL 02-21-2017
My order arrived way ahead of schedule and exactly as described. Zero complaints and would not hesitate to order more products in the future.
Roy, AL 02-21-2017
Thanks for reaching out. Overall, my experience was great and the products were as described. my only complaint at all was that i wasn't able to get an image preview of what each set of cufflinks i ordered were going to look like. For example, the sets i ordered with "B" on them, look fine, although the font is not exactly what I had envisioned. would have been nice to know exactly what that font was going to look like on the finished product, prior to ordering. Again, overall, it's great and i'm happy, just thought that would be a nice improvement to the process. Thanks
Kellen, MO 02-21-2017
Just what I was looking for. Will be back! Thank you again!
Doug, OH 02-14-2017
Order was delivered quicker than promised, which is great. The barrel appears to be well-made and is impressive in appearance. It's a gift for my husband, so I'm looking forward to his comments. Thanks for a job well done.
Vickie, FL 02-13-2017
So far, so good. Received barrel and cured for a week. Just filled with a rye moonshine. Am anxious to see how it ages. Thanks for the service.
David, CA 02-11-2017
Love my plaques. Excellent work. Hope to order another one next year.
Michael, OH 02-07-2017
All looks good. Fast delivery.
Corey, NV 02-07-2017
Thank you for a great product
Linda, AZ 02-02-2017
I was satisfied with my order. The barrels work well.
Timothy, OH 02-02-2017
all came out right and the box was a nice touch. thanks
Vince, PA 02-01-2017
Seems like a good quality barrel thank you.
Paul, CA 02-01-2017
My mother really enjoyed it. Thank you for the follow up.
Michele, KY 02-01-2017
Very pleased with updates throughout the process, and the quality is excellent!
Daniel, NY 02-01-2017
The Knife sets were great! We have not given them to the attendants yet but we are sure they will be very happy. Thank you!
Sandra, IL 01-31-2017
It's beautiful. It's an anniversary gift so I haven't given it to my husband yet.
Rhonda, TX 01-31-2017
My wallet is just what I was looking for.. Your Company took care of my order in a timely manner and even reached out to me when I picked the wrong format for the engraving. I am both happy with my choice and the service Black Ace Design has given. Thank you again.
Michael, NY 01-31-2017
Everything looks great, I haven't unpacked them completely yet but at first glance they looks nice. Thanks!
Rich, CA 01-31-2017
This is what I was looking for. Thanks.
Bernard, IL 01-30-2017
He loved it! Thanks again
Jodi, MD 01-30-2017
thank u.. the hubby loved it! his name on a knife and a box!? what more can a guy ask for?!.. lol you rock! thanks again
Heather, CA 01-22-2017
It was all great thank u
Victoria, FL 01-21-2017
Perfect, beautiful and affordable. Thank you Black Ace Design!!
Michele, NJ 01-21-2017
All looked good. Thanks.
Kerry, FL 01-21-2017
Excellent! It was a gift for my husband and he absolutely loved it!
Laura, NC 01-19-2017
I ordered individual shakers/dice for my close friends. Everyone thought the gift was amazing and especially like that they were engraved with their names. I will definitely share my experience with others.
Vicki, WI 01-17-2017
My order came early and was wonderful! It was the customized flask. I got it for my boyfriend and he was super happy with it. No leaks and even though it was 18 oz it was still pretty compact. I especially liked the box that it came in as well. All around great ordering experience .
Clarissa, CO 01-17-2017
We purchased a oak barrel as a gift for a friend which liked . However many people at the party commented on how difficult it was to read the writing due to it's small size. But it is a nice gift.
Jim, PA 01-17-2017
My parents really liked the whisky barrel that we got them. I was a little disappointed with the size as it was difficult to determine what size we would want but I wish it would've been a bit bigger. I also was disappointed with the words that were put on the barrel. They were very light and is difficult to see unless you are standing right in front of the barrel. I was hoping the streb bar would more prominent like it was on the pictures on the website.
Jeni, IA 01-17-2017
AWESOME. great help replacing the cup. he LOVED it!
Mj, CA 01-17-2017
Chris, NY 01-17-2017
This was a present for my boyfriend for Christmas and he LOVES it! Another of our friends was talking about his just a few days prior to Andrew receiving his which helped his excitement. He plans on doing the chain of beverages that was included in the kit with his first Bourbon aging now. And he loves that his is customized (our friends' is not) so that was extra special to him. Thanks for a great product!
Lindsey, WV 01-16-2017
Everything was great and as represented. I liked everything and it was received in good order. I would shop again.
Kevin, MS 01-16-2017
I bought as a Christmas gift and both my husband and I were so excited to give it to the receiver. Really great work!
Erica, MA 01-16-2017
The wallets were a big hit. Thanks so much!
Margaret, MA 01-15-2017
Thank you so much. This was a Christmas gift for my son-in-law and he absolutely loved it! The black bands around the barrell were the perfect choice!
Kara, TN 01-14-2017
Great set. Pretty decent price. Thank you for the great service.
Amber, NE 01-14-2017
I am pleased to say that the barrel we order came out beautiful and it was the focal point of the festivities!! The craftsmanship and personalization took it over the top!! Due to the ease of the design and ordering process, I must say, it was great doing business with you and I look forward to Black Ace Design handling any future need. Again thank you and great job on our project.
Maria, MD 01-14-2017
Husband posted on Facebook with hashtag BestGiftEver. He may have cried. He may have said it was the most thoughtful gift he has ever been given. (He really likes rum) I'd rate the whole experience a 27 on a 1 to ten scale. Couldn't be happier!
Hilary, FL 01-14-2017
Received great thank you
David, NC 01-14-2017
Looks great in his sports themed room. Thank you!
Shawn, CO 01-14-2017
I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart want to THANK YOU for the beautiful work you did with the custom wallet. It was a Christmas gift for my Grandfather, who is a very proud man and his name really means something to him. He was absolutely elated when he opened his gift. I don't think any family member has actually ever given him something he liked. Ha! I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Thank you again for your beautiful work, and for providing the tools for that beautiful moment.
Leslie, CA 01-14-2017
I am very happy with the turn out. I did not expect the box to be so small, but I didn't mind. Great product. Thank you.
Grace, FL 01-14-2017
Gift recipient loved the harmonica. Engraving was perfect. Shipping time exceeded expectations. Thank you.
Christine, MI 01-13-2017
Perfect. My dad love the wallet. Thanks!
Eric, VA 01-13-2017
They were perfect and my clients absolutely loved them!
Kimberly, TX 01-13-2017
Everything was great. Thanks
Tom, PA 01-13-2017
Everything with the order was perfect and as expected. It was a Christmas gift and the recipient was ecstatic.
Christina, IL 01-13-2017
Very happy with the product, and receiving it in a timely matter! Thank you
Candace, CA 01-12-2017
It's beautiful! I love it, and he loved it! It was my favorite gift to give this year!
Natalie, IA 01-12-2017
Absolutely perfect! Husband loved his whiskey barrel!
Dylan, GA 01-12-2017
Love, loved, loved it! It was everything I wanted and it made a great gift! They were very pleased! Thank you!
Kodie, OK 01-12-2017
Just wanted to say I received my barrel and it looks absolutely wonderful and came in a full week early. I can't thank you enough for the great work and early arrival. I will be sure to give y'all a great review!! Thank you again!!
Alex, GA 01-12-2017
I am very pleased with my purchase! It was the perfect Christmas gift for my batsman fan husband and he was surprised by the engraving. He'll wear the cufflinks in his brothers upcoming wedding. Thanks so much
Elizabeth, CT 01-12-2017
Very satisfied!
Juli, TN 01-11-2017
Everything was fine. Thank you for asking!
Paul, NJ 01-11-2017
Loved it....I will treasure it forever....great quality
Nate, NC 01-10-2017
Everything was great with my order. My fiancÚ loved his present. Thanks for your assistance and product.
Leidy, SC 01-10-2017
We received the new one...looks great! We are very happy with it. Thank you!
Keith, NY 12-09-2016
Wonderful! Thank you so much. Excellent quality and service.
Todd, NC 12-07-2016
The order looks good. I can't wait to give it to my brother.
Elizabeth, CO 11-18-2016
My husband loved it!!! Great gift
Jackie, MO 06-22-2016
Came out great! 9s seemed the wrong way but I guess that is the font style. Thanks again!
Robert, TX 06-13-2016
Thank you for quickly replacing my first smudged up sign. The second one looks much more professional.
Amy, IL 06-06-2016
I loved it! My brother enjoyed it as his birthday present :)
Heather, MD 04-12-2016
I received my order and it even came early! Product looked great. Thank you.
Sandra, OH 03-02-2016
Everything was exceptional! I really appreciate the craftsmanship as well as the speedy, timely manner my items were shipped in! I will definitely suggest your services to a friend!
Aj, KS 03-01-2016
Glad you were able to fit my engraving on one line! Thanks so much - looks great!
Kacia, IL 03-01-2016
They look great and are highly visible.
Eric, NV 02-29-2016
The pocket watch is absolutely beautiful and my son will cherish it for life! Thank you!
Andria, FL 01-11-2016
The knife I ordered was wonderful, I really love it! Unfortunately I paid for 3 day expedited delivery and it took more than 3 days to reach me and was late for a Christmas gift
Karen, CA 12-29-2015
The wallet was great! Loved the monogram because it made it unique. Kind of wish the monogram had been in a different color because it was hard to see on the black wallet, but it was still nice. The storage box was more than I expected and really added a very special touch to the gift. So glad I found you guys! Thanks again!!
Susan, MS 12-27-2015
I was very pleased with the outcome of the engraved 5L whiskey barrel. The engraving was a little lighter than picture shown, but still looked amazing. This was a Christmas gift to my boyfriend who happened to be impressed with the design and excited to start the process of aging whiskey. The directions that came with the barrel were helpful with starting that up. I will definitely order from Black Ace Designs in the future. Thank you for making this Christmas a memorable one!
Jessi, TX 12-27-2015
I was so impressed with the quality of the item I ordered! It came out very beautiful and professional, and my boyfriend and his family loved it. I would definitely buy more from this website. The service was also speedy, I got it a week and a half before the estimated delivery date!!! Thank you!
Michelle, OH 12-24-2015
Love the wallet I received and delivered in a timely fashion!
Mary Hannah, LA 12-23-2015
Good morning it was nice to hear from you about feedback I was going to this weekend give you some feedback. I received it was it yesterday or day before but I had two Christmas parties so I couldn't get back to you. I absolutely love it. You did a beautiful job. I can see why my long phrase did not work on there but what we did do is just beautiful. I love it it's smaller than what I thought the picture always look so much bigger I think but its perfect. I think they're going to absolutely love it and I think it's going to mean a lot to them too especially with some of the circumstances in their life thank you so much for your patience with me this was a new experience especially PayPal I guess being 73 I don't know all the ins and outs of this computer stuff. Thank you so so much have a very Merry Christmas
Joanne, WI 12-23-2015
The whiskey barrel I ordered was very nice and worth the money. Thank you for everyone involved in creating it and Merry Christmas!
Candace, TN 12-23-2015
I paid for the super fast shipping and got it within 3 days!! I'm wondering if that made a difference in the quality of the product tho. The barrel itself is adorable I just wish the personalize lettering would have been darker to see it better. It's a Christmas gift so hope he is happy with it.
Mellisa, MI 12-23-2015
I'm Very happy with quality of the wallet and monogram looks great. I will shop with you again!
Jacquelyn, AR 12-23-2015
Great! I ordered one item wrong, but it looked good too. LOL!!! Great service and great quality. Thanks! Marry Christmas!!!!!
Shannon, KY 12-23-2015
Everything was and is just perfect. Thank you! A special gift.
Lynn, SC 12-23-2015
Excellent! Loved the order, it was perfect! It came fast to, even though we ordered late and is Christmas. Thank you!
Lynette, UT 12-22-2015
The barrel is fantastic!! Really well made.
Kelee, CA 12-22-2015
The glasses I ordered were beautiful and so was the box. Thank you so much. I love them!
Darian, GA 12-22-2015
100 percent satisfaction! The product looks great! I wish that you would similar signs, but out of real wood. However, I realize that might not be your area of expertise, and that a real wood product would be more expensive.
Aaron, MN 12-22-2015
Everything looks great. Thank you guys again for going the extra mile to sort out my order and sending me a new barrel with the correct engravings. Will be purchasing from you guys again.
Michael, IL 12-14-2015
We were very pleased with the results.
Beverly, MN 12-12-2015
The gifts I ordered were great. Thanks.
Wade, OK 12-11-2015
Very quick personalizing and delivery. I am pleased with product thank you.
Sandra, NJ 12-11-2015
Very pleased with product. Delivered earlier than expected so was happy with that as well. Thanks.
Cheryl, FL 12-10-2015
Good set for my groomsmen! Thank you for the assisting.
Kevin, WI 12-10-2015
Just what I ordered. Thank you much.
Paul, MI 12-10-2015
My gosh. I cannot believe how amazing the gift set is. It goes above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for taking care of me when there was a problem. I will be a repeat customer many, many times in the near future. Thank you so very much. Seriously one of the best gifts I have ever purchased. Warm regards
Scott, UT 12-10-2015
I loved the sign! Everything and more. It's a gift and I'm sure he will love it too!
Brenda, NV 12-10-2015
nice solid mug thank you.
Sandra, CT 12-10-2015
Nice finish with clear engraving. Thanks.
Ira, NY 12-10-2015
I am very impressed with the product and how fast it shipped to my house. I am actually referring this gift to a co-worker. Thank you!!! I'm sure it will be a hit at Christmas!
Andrea, MI 12-09-2015
I was a little surprised at the size of the knife and glass. The picture makes it look much larger than it actually is. I am satisfied with my purchase, just wanted to let you know that some people may be upset with what comes in the mail if they don't review the box dimensions carefully.
Christian, MI 12-08-2015
Pretty good set and not too bad on price. Shipping was fast, just the processing was little slower but not complaining. Thank you all!
Brian, IN 12-08-2015
All was great. Thanks
Martina, CO 12-08-2015
It was perfect. Thanks for getting it to me so promptly!
Colleen, NJ 12-07-2015
It was perfect for his office! Thank you. Just as described on the website.
Eric, WA 12-07-2015
Loved the bottle opener I purchased for my husband for our 11th anniversary. The engraving is beautifully done and the service was great! Thank you!
Mary, WI 12-04-2015
I think they're very nice. The quality looks good and I was happy with the prompt shipping.
Kellie, AZ 12-04-2015
Everything was in order. Thanks.
Edwin, TX 12-03-2015
Received it to day. Awsome simply awsome. Could'nt be more pleased Dan. Thanx
Bernie, WI 12-03-2015
We really like the whiskey barrels
Allison, CO 12-03-2015
Everything was great! The order actually came early and was exactly as pictured online.
Katie, TX 12-03-2015
Thank you for the email and fabulous customer service! The beautifully engraved cufflinks were impeccably done and the engraved box simply beautiful. I will most definitely be placing more orders with Black Ace Design and will certainly be recommending you to my family and friends. Thank you for the excellent customer service!
Jenna, NJ 12-03-2015
The cuff links and box are perfect! I will say, I forgot I ordered them since it took a little while to come. But it's also understandable since they were custom.
Jessica, CA 12-02-2015
The wallet was exactly as I hoped it would be! Thank you. :) I'm sure my dad will love it! I was also super impressed with the box and how elegant it came out. Wonderful job!
Maria, FL 12-02-2015
VERY happy with our purchase!! Beautiful! We cannot wait until my husband opens it up at Christmas!!
Cyd, OK 12-02-2015
The replacement wallet is perfect, and I appreciate the quick and courteous service which was extremely hassle free. Happy Holidays!
Leslie, MD 11-30-2015
The order was perfect! Lots of compliments on the idea from many people! Thanks again!
John, OR 11-29-2015
This is what I wanted. Came early so ty!
Morgan, FL 11-29-2015
Everything looked great. It was smaller than i thought but still happy.
Laura, NY 11-28-2015
I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for everything. We received our order of the 40 pocket knives and they were beautiful. The quality was top notch and everyone loved them. Everything from your customer service to the quality of the knives was better than we could have expected. Thanks again!!
Michelle, SC 11-25-2015
I was very pleased with my order, thank you.
Paul, GA 11-25-2015
The pocket watch was awesome. my groom loved it!!! :-)
Jennifer, NJ 11-25-2015
I got the 5L barrel and it is awesome. The construction is amazing and the engraving is spot on. Love this product and I will probably get another for tequila.
Alan, CA 11-24-2015
Morgan, GA 11-24-2015
I loved it
Michael, GA 11-24-2015
I love the products that I ordered. They are a gift for Christmas and I know he will love them. I was very impressed with how quickly I received them. Thank you, much appreciated!
Jenna, NJ 11-24-2015
My Dad likes it. Thank you for the assistance.
Chris, MN 11-24-2015
very satisfied. thank you for your service.
Myste, TX 11-24-2015
Stunning looking cuff links, and the box is very nice. Can't wait to see if he likes them :) thank you!
Brianna, PA 11-24-2015
Perfect. Thank you.
Juliana, TX 11-24-2015
Everything was great and my son loved the pocket knife!
Becky, WI 11-24-2015
Very nice. Thank you.
Calvin, CO 11-23-2015
Every item was beautiful and I am very grateful for each item, thank you very much.
Nia Marie, GA 11-22-2015
Just what I was looking for thanks.
Mark, TX 11-22-2015
Looks well made and it all came out correct.
Clarissa, TX 11-21-2015
I love the barrel. it's filled with water as we speak. can't wait to make Veux Carre on Monday :) will let you know how it turns out
Kimberly, GA 11-19-2015
Greetings!! I'm in love with your service.. my item was delivered and looks awesome!!! Very pleased and thank you for a job well done!
David, VA 11-19-2015
For what I need it for, it is perfect. I wish the engraving piece was a little clearer but that is probably due to the size of the actual barrel. I would definitely get the larger one next time.
Lauren, TX 11-19-2015
Looks great, it's a Christmas gift but I'm sure he'll love it.
Linda, OH 11-18-2015
I am very satisfied with the product, the service and the timeliness of the delivery. I would order from Black Ace Design again. My only concern was having trouble placing my order without using Pay Pal. Once I figured that out everything was good.
Kathryn, AR 11-18-2015
Everything was perfect. Amazing prices for amazing items exactly as pictured. Thanks for helping make my special day that much more special.
Lindsey, MO 11-18-2015
The knife arrived perfect. Thank you!
Melissa, PA 11-18-2015
The knives are fine, however they arrived late. They were not shipped until the date they were supposed to be delivered on. They did not arrive in time to be given as part of the gifts to my groomsmen.
Craig, KS 11-17-2015
Love the product. thank you!
Nati, CA 11-17-2015
I ordered a glass flask in a wood box. You should cut out some of the foam around the glass or package the glass separately so it doesn't break like mine did. Thanks for sending the replacement though!
Joseph, GA 11-14-2015
Thank you so much for shipping the customized oak barrel. This is the first time I have ordered from your company and I am very impressed. The item came as promised and in good condition. I love the personalization and think it will be a hit when it is gifted to my husband. I will recommend your company to friends and coworkers. Thanks again!
Alysia, CO 11-12-2015
We found the print is lighter than the image on the site. Have not try to add any contents to the barrel to see if it leaks as commented by others.
Duy, CA 11-12-2015
Loved the wallet, it will make a great Christmas gift for my brother. The personalization lettering looks great.
Ginger, NC 11-11-2015
I am a very pleased customer.
Nina, FL 11-10-2015
Looks great, thanks Black Ace Design.
Molly, TX 11-10-2015
The order was great, beautiful product, quick service. My only disappointment was the font on the lower case 'g' on one of the engraved names. I found it didn't look like a lower case 'g'. Thanks!
Machelle, LA 11-10-2015
I ordered the knives from you guys as groomsmen gifts, and they look perfect. I am extremely happy with the look and feel of them, and hope that the quality of use is just as good as the looks. Thank you for shipping them promptly, my wedding is this weekend and it's one less thing I have to worry about in crunch time.
Jason, NC 11-10-2015
It was great, the gifts were a huge hit and everything arrived on time and was awesome. Thanks again!
Richard, VA 11-09-2015
It is really nice excellent job. Received it earlier than stated. I will recommend it to others that see it on my bar. May even but one for son and son in law for Christmas. Again thanks for nice job and great service
Dean, WV 11-09-2015
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. We are very happy with the personalized utility knives and money clips. The engraving was very well done and looks awesome. They are gifts for our groomsmen but I may have to get myself a set. There was just one tiny thing, the wooden boxes were a bit tight and requires a little jiggle to close but that should take care of itself with use. Thanks for the awesome product and service.
Hoa, TX 11-09-2015
Wow! The mugs are great. High quality and beautifully engraved. We are very pleased with the products. Thank you!
Jennifer, CA 11-06-2015
I ordered this whiskey barrel as a Christmas gift for my brother-in-law. When it came in, my jaw dropped. I absolutely love it and honestly am kind of jealous I don't have one for my house! When my husband saw it, he asked me why I didn't order him one! What a great product, and super fast production/shipping. Thanks so much, I know he will love it when he gets it!
Mary, LA 11-05-2015
I ordered the gift for Matt. He just let me know he recieved it and loves it! Thanks for doing such a great job and for getting it there in time for his birthday.
Matt, PA 11-03-2015
I am totally satisfied!! Beautiful work, great customer service-AWESOME experience!
Kim, FL 11-02-2015
Everything looked great!
Kimberly, NV 11-02-2015
Arrived faster than expected! Much appreciated!
Crystal, MD 11-02-2015
It was the perfect gift. She loved it. Thank you. (she loved the box as much as the pocket knife)
Caty, VA 10-31-2015
I was very happy with the finished product - engraved cufflinks. The order took longer to process but it was worth it in the end. Thank you - I will definitely visit your company again.
Lydia, WA 10-30-2015
Very happy with the quaility and look of the products. Thank you
Jeff, NY 10-29-2015
Thank you for having my order delivered early and thank you for customizing the thermos for me.
Samantha, ID 10-29-2015
Hey there! I LOVE it! It was adorable and the perfect size. Thank you very much! My Dad will love it and it will make the perfect addition to his "man cave" !
Jamie, FL 10-29-2015
Thank you for promptly sending our order and we are pleased with the whiskey keg.
Ella, AL 10-29-2015
Phenomenal!!! Great whiskey barrel and turned out beautifully. Thanks for the quick turn around, great shipping and wonderful product.
Erik, FL 10-28-2015
Outstanding! I love the barrel!
Dennis, MI 10-28-2015
Its very nice thanks
Nick, CT 10-27-2015
Everything was perfect thank you. you guys are great
Jeremy, WA 10-27-2015
The engraved glass flask was amazing and was received in plenty of time for the rehearsal dinner! Our Best Man loved it! Now the groom wants one for himself!!! Thank you all so much!!!
Kimberly, OK 10-27-2015
Love the box! Thank you!
Eunice, TX 10-27-2015
We were very pleased with all aspects of the order including the customer service and the product we received. Many thanks for such a positive experience.
Brian, VA 10-27-2015
Great item.. Can't wait to give to our son! Perfect gift!
Sandra, VA 10-27-2015
We loved it!!! Thank you
Susan, WY 10-27-2015
Everything was great, and arrived on a timely fashion.
William, CA 10-27-2015
Thanks so much for the barrell! It was exactly what I wanted :).
Latisha, TN 10-26-2015
The order is perfect in every way. I appreciate the communication you provided, everything was shipped in a timely and efficient manner and I have zero complaints. I will definitely recommend you and do business again!
Cale, IA 10-26-2015
Good work and on time delivery...very happy with the product and delivery
Nick, IL 10-21-2015
All was good I just thought it was a Yeti cup for that amount of money but oh well my mistake.
Carlos, TX 10-21-2015
My order was ok. It is a nice gift, but it the engraving was not very dark. Didn't look like the picture on the internet.
Amy, KY 10-20-2015
I was very impressed with the product quality and the timeliness of the delivery. I had a time challenge, with the product promised by 10/19 but my event was on 10/17. I received it on 10/16 and was so grateful that it arrived on time. I had sent an email requesting it be expedited but wasn't sure if that made the difference or if you just deliver things ahead of schedule normally. If I had to provide any constructive criticism, it would be a suggestion to put a comment for the 1L oak barrel - that it is so small that the writing is also pretty small. It is clear and still attractive, I just didn't realize that the design was so small. When I order next time, I will get a slightly larger barrel.
T. Schmitz, CO 10-20-2015
The service, presentation, and engraving were spectacular!! The wallet itself was bigger than what it looked like in the picture...very well done though.
Cari, PA 10-20-2015
Honestly, product was great.
Kristina, WI 10-20-2015
Very pleased with order. Thanks.
Gabriel, FL 10-19-2015
Looks great!
Katharine, OH 10-16-2015
the product turned out beautiful.
Pat, PA 10-16-2015
Overall a good experience. The wood for the box was a little darker than expected, but still very nice. Engraving looks good and will make a great gift for my best man. Thanks.
Ryan, AZ 10-16-2015
LOVE the barrel I just ordered from you with a logo. It looks great and we are using it as a farewell gift for a coworker. I like it so much, I intend to buy a few more barrels for gifts for family members.
Lauris, MD 10-15-2015
As far as I can see this barrel is top quality. We won't really know until we fill the thing with hooch.
Michael, AZ 10-15-2015
Good, thank you for your help with my groomsman gifts.
Michael, CA 10-14-2015
Everything was great. thank you
Angel, NY 10-14-2015
Everything was perfect! My only comment was that when ordering I didn't have have an option to send as a gift. Thanks
Ruth, DC 10-13-2015
Service was wonderful! Loved the product and it came super fast! My dad loved it too! Thank you so much!
Jennifer, WA 10-12-2015
sounds like it was perfect, thanks so much!
Kent, ID 10-08-2015
I am very pleased with the 2 items that I ordered for the 2 bosses for Bosses Day, next Friday, 10/16.
Annette, NY 10-08-2015
It is great! Love it! Thank you for asking!
Bonnie, NY 10-08-2015
It's great thank you
Alastair, PA 10-08-2015
The glasses turned out great. I got the order way faster then I expected, that was great. Thanks.
Scott, MN 10-08-2015
Everything I expected and more....I like the magnet it's very powerful.....thanks!!!!
Keira, MO 10-08-2015
The products were exactly as I expected and arrived sooner than anticipated. Thank you for taking care of my order. Everything I ordered was a gift for my groomsman and having everything arrive in good order was one less thing to worry about. Have a great day.
Dominick, CT 10-07-2015
We love the bottle openers. Thank you!
Casey, LA 10-07-2015
I ordered this mug for my girlfriend as a surprise and she loved it. It really is a quality piece and her name was perfect without misspelling. Thank you for the quick delivery too! Well satisfied customer.
Courtney, NV 10-07-2015
OMG thank you Soooooooo much. My box is a beauty. I will be ordering a third one in a couple of weeks!!!!! Thanx again!!!! A very satisfied customer.
Lamonte, NY 10-07-2015
My husband loved his gift. It came quickly and exactly how it showed on the site. I couldn't be more please. Will shop with your company again. Thank you!
Tina, AZ 10-07-2015
I purchase the items for my adult sons.. They were so happy, I will be ordering again, jus curious is there anyway to get the ingravements done a little larger? Other wise I'm pleased.
Wanda, TX 10-07-2015
I love the barrels! Thank you for everything.
Bobby, CA 10-07-2015
I loved it dearly! Was amazing! Didn't quite understand the directions. How do I clean it? Honestly this product is every guys dream. I bought it for my partner and he already had it in his wish list.
Natalie, FL 10-07-2015
Everything looks great.
Gaynor, DC 09-30-2015
Looks great!:) love the product.
Hannah, WI 09-30-2015
Loved the harmonica. Engraving was perfect.
Alexis, FL 09-29-2015
The order was exactly as I requested it. Thank you.
Whyatt, CA 09-28-2015
It was a very easy process. I have no negative comments to make, but I did want to say this feedback option is a great business practice. Being able to just reply to the email is also a very user-friendly approach and I've not seen before with any orders I've placed anywhere online. As someone in management, I always love to see companies offer great customer service in innovative and interesting ways. Kudos for that.
Brandon, WV 09-26-2015
Everything was great. Smooth transaction and great product. Thank you!
Sharaya, TX 09-26-2015
thank you so much!! I received my order on time! Thanks for handling this in such a professional and efficient manner.
Jeanne, CA 09-25-2015
I was so excited to open the box. Everything is to my liking. It's awesome. The barrel is neatly done, I really loved it.
Giovanni, IL 09-25-2015
Thanks. It is great!
Hailee, CA 09-22-2015
Good, quick. Smaller than I thought though.
Brent, TX 09-22-2015
The items were beautiful.
Kellie, OH 09-22-2015
I was so skeptical about ordering online. I'm glad I took a chance with your company. The item I ordered was a gift for a very good friend named Emiel who is an avid cigar lover. He sent me photos of everything which appeared to be great!!! He was beyond pleased and said, it was his best gift ever from me. I thank you for the rapid delivery and the quality of workmanship. I will be ordering from your company again in the near future.
Lamonte, NY 09-21-2015
Arrived safely! Looks fantastic! Thank you! Will be making future purchases
Amy, WA 09-21-2015
Got the corrected barrels in time, and all enjoyed their customized gifts!
Justin, IL 09-19-2015
Knives look great! I was pleased with the turn-around time too. Had a slight hiccup with the payment through Paypal, but other than that, I would purchase from you again.
Owen, OH 09-19-2015
Everything is great! The wine barrel top arrived packed very well, and looks wonderful. Thank you!
Lauren, MD 09-17-2015
Thanks you, the wine barrel was the perfect gift.
Sherilyn, FL 09-16-2015
My order came out perfect! I haven't given it to my boyfriend yet b/c our anniversary isn't until Oct 11 but I know he's going to love it!
Maryalaine, MA 09-15-2015
Thank you for your service my husband loved his dolphin mug fast shipping excellent i will order again . Thank you
Lena, CA 09-15-2015
It was great! Very quick delivery time and the product was just as it was expected. No errors. It made for a very nice groomsmen gift
Ashley, MI 09-14-2015
Very nice, I am completely satisfied. Thank you!!
Eric, NY 09-14-2015
Yes, everything came out great. Thank you.
Skuyler, NY 09-14-2015
My husband is very hard to buy for, so I'm always striving for something unique. He was pleasantly surprised by the Whiskey Barrel and loved the engraving! He brews beer and has gotten into fine Whiskey's more recently. He's excited about the gift and to start using it!
Briana, MN 09-14-2015
I received it today in great condition.
Katie, NY 09-14-2015
My order was great, the barrel looks amazing and it came right away. Thank you very much, I will be ordering another one in Novemeber for another wedding! Thank you!
Cortney, NY 09-14-2015
Everything seems good
William, DE 09-13-2015
Very happy with the service and speed off delivery. Would recommend the company to anyone.
Scott, NE 09-12-2015
The pocket knives were good quality and everything; however the engraving the 9s were backwards (font style).
David, IL 09-10-2015
Great Craftsmanship... All holes have extensive wood debri and there's a lot of wood fragments inside the barrels that I worry will get inside the whiskey during removal.
Brian, VA 09-09-2015
Everything looks perfect with this product, it was also right on time. Great service, even better product, thanks so much my groomsmen will enjoy this very unique gift!
Corey, MI 09-09-2015
Everything was great with my order. I love the whiskey barrel. It is perfect and I can not wait to use it.
Lisa, PA 09-09-2015
I got the new barrel. It looks great!!!!! thank you for the awesome customer service. I?ll be shipping the old one back tomorrow. Thanks again!!!!
Marissa, CA 09-08-2015
Sorry this has taken so long. I am very happy with our luggage tags. They look beautiful and they arrived earlier than promised. I can't wait to use them for our upcoming trip. I smile everytime I see them. Thank you for the excellent service!
Tina-marie, CA 09-07-2015
Very happy! Timely delivery and good workmanship.
Carrie, GA 09-07-2015
Love how the item look is a Xmas gift so won't be using it soon
Sheryl, IL 09-07-2015
Thank you for a job well done. I love the engraving on my cocktail shaker. (A birthday present to myself.) I had searched the internet for a specific theme to no avail. However, I am even more satisfied with the personalization that your company offered. I know, my shaker is one of a kind! Which makes it even more special and it will be a cherished keepsake. Also, your company was faster than I expected. I received my purchase, almost a week sooner than the expected delivery date. AWESOME! Thank you again. I will be using your company again in the future.
Michelle, NC 09-07-2015
I received my order a week before I expected it. The quality is great. Thank you for the service. If the need ever arises in the future. You will be my first choice.
Ryan, GA 09-07-2015
I was very pleased with my product!
Melissa, NC 09-07-2015
Perfect again!
Mark, IN 09-04-2015
We were thrilled with the wine barrel and so was our birthday boy! If the letter printing was more pronounced, it would be better to read the names and inscriptions. We will order again; and hopefully, soon!
Denis, ID 09-03-2015
It was great!!!
Wendy, FL 09-02-2015
Thanks for following up! We love the barrel and the design! Our only wish is that we had done a little more research on the sizing. It is completely our fault but we were hoping it was a bit larger as we plan on it being a important table feature at our wedding this coming October. I own a similar barrel that a friend gave me and i thought he said it was a 2 liter also so that's what we went with. Turns out we guessed wrong :-( Anyways, we know it was a custom order so there are no returns but just wanted to say thank you for following up with us and thank you for getting it here so quickly! We are still trying to come up with a way to use it and when people ask where we got it, and I'm sure they will :-), we will point them in your direction!
Jonathan, MD 09-01-2015
Order and Service was fine
Arthur F., MA 08-27-2015
Everything came back just as I ordered. Thank you for everything looks very nice!
John, FL 08-27-2015
My husband loved it. Looked great
Ashley, OR 08-24-2015
I ordered these as gifts for Pat and Al and all went well. They loved their housewarming gifts and they arrived earlier than expected, which was also great. Thank you, thank you!
Pat and Al, NJ 08-24-2015
The reclaimed whiskey tray was beautiful and was the perfect gift for my brother and his fiance and their new home. The thing I wanted to contact you about was that your shipping department paid absolutely NO attention to the special instructions which were made very clear that this was a gift and that NO receipt should be included. I had also asked for it to be gift wrapped if possible but the most important thing was that it should have had a gift receipt that did not let them know what the prices were. Thank goodness I was present when they opened the box and was able to intercept it before they saw it but I should not have had to do this. You need to revise your website to make it possible for customers to request a 'gift receipt' if it is indeed a gift.
Marc and Stephanie, OH 08-23-2015
Thank you for the rush order. The sign is a great addition to our wine bar, and my husband loved it!
Annie, IA 08-20-2015
Product was perfect and just as described and ordered. Thanks
Gwen, TN 08-20-2015
Great customer service and delivered before the expected date. My aunt loved her gift, as I haven't seen it. Thank you! I will be ordering from you guys again!
Michele, FL 08-19-2015
I sent this off as a gift. The feedback was it was the best gift ever!
Robert, MA 08-19-2015
It was perfect. Thank you so much!
Jonathan, VA 08-18-2015
I was very satisfied with my purchase. This is a wedding gift and I think the bride and groom will love it! I was impressed with the nice quality and fast delivery. Thank you so much
Carli, OH 08-18-2015
Product looked amazing and very fast shipping.
Jon, OH 08-05-2015
The personalized whiskey barrel I ordered turned out great. It was delivered in a fair amount of time and was made exactly how I wanted it. I have no complaints.
Mari, VA 08-03-2015
Everything was wonderful. My husband loved the personalized barrel.
Aubrey, AZ 08-03-2015
Excellent service, got here very quickly with expedited service and looks amazing! Would definitely use and recommend you again. Thank you.
Suzanne, FL 08-01-2015
everything was great. thank you.
Karen, LA 07-29-2015
All good. Can't wait I fill them!!!
Professor Don, CT 07-28-2015
We are very happy with the product! It was perfect! Such a great job! Thank you!
Mary, TN 07-28-2015
Thanks, the phone case looked great and was delivered very quickly!
Mark, CA 07-27-2015
I was very pleased with my neighborhood bar and tap sign. It arrived as promised and the color and quality was great. Thanks.
Georganne, OH 07-27-2015
I was very impressed with my order. The football dog tag was for my nine year old grandson and he was rxtremely pleased and wears it all the time. Would order again and would recommend your products to others.
Linda, CA 07-27-2015
Very satisfied with the level of service received. I made a mistake on the shipping address and you really came through to ensure the product arrived when I needed it. Thank you very much!!!!! I ordered 9 mini oak barrels. The quality varied from barrel to barrel, but overall I'm satisfied. I would definitely recommend Black Ace Design.
Ron, IL 07-27-2015
It was a fantastic gift for my brother in law. Very unique and special.
Al, NY 07-26-2015
The knives we received look really nice. The engraving is legible and dark enough to read easily. It was all correct with spelling and whatnot. Very happy and satisfied. Thanks!
Danny, SC 07-22-2015
I was very pleased overall, the recipients of the gift have not received it as yet but I'm hopeful they will be pleased as well. The personalization enticed me to buy this product and the legibility of it looked very nice. The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the size of the martini shaker, smaller than I had expected. I may have not realized it, perhaps you had 2 sizes available? In addition, the delivery of the product arrived in a timely manner. Thank you.
Holly, CA 07-17-2015
Everything was great!
Roberto, NY 07-17-2015
Have made numerous purchase with your company and as always no complaints.
Natalie, OK 07-17-2015
Product was perfect, my boyfriend loved the gift!
Grace, WA 07-16-2015
I am EXTREMELY impressed with this barrel, and simply cannot wait to begin using it! I would love it if you would provide some recipes; my favorite whiskey is Crown Royal...hint, hint ;) If by chance you have the recipe for a beverage close to that, I would be willing to purchase the flavorings and recipe ASAP. Again, the craftsmanship, the quality, and the appearance is unbelievable! I have several friends who like to make their own wines, beer, and hard liquor, and I promise I will be sending them your way! Thanks again for everything!
Anthony, OH 07-16-2015
I ordered this for my husband Birthday coming next week. I really love it. Thank you!
Ross, CA 07-16-2015
Very pleased. I may order another soon.
Virbel, NY 07-14-2015
Just as I ordered. Thanks.
Jason, FL 07-13-2015
Looks good this time. Thanks!
Kelly, ND 07-13-2015
The product delivered is great. My dad is very impressed. I plan to order a barrel myself soon!
Fred, WI 07-11-2015
Thank you for my Custom Barrel. It turned out amazing, and it made my husband happy to receive for his birthday, I even received it a couple days before his party. Thanks for everything.
Amy, CA 07-09-2015
Everything was great. Thank you.
Chris, WI 07-08-2015
Hi! I got the apron very quickly and my dad loves it! Thanks so much.
Amber, OH 07-07-2015
Product was as advertised!!! The wife loved it and sits proudly with her wine collection
Raymond, WA 07-07-2015
It was great, thank you! A bit smaller than I expected, but overall, I think my husband will love it! Thanks!
Wallis, TX 07-07-2015
My dad loves the cask. He is going to hang it up over his bar where he keeps his wine fridge. Said the craftsman ship is amazing! very happy with the result. Thank you!
Bruce, CA 07-07-2015
It looks great! Can't wait to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday on Saturday! It will go great with the smoker I got him! Thanks for everything!
Mikayla, NY 07-07-2015
Filled it with hot water twice no leaks just filled it with real moonshine from Tennessee put some Jack Daniel's wood chips in it drink it on Christmas thanks
Stan, TX 07-07-2015
All was quick and good. I haven't actually gotten to see it as it went to my dad, but he put it on the wall already, so he must like it.
Lyle, OK 07-07-2015
It was PERFECT!!! Thank you Dan!
Jill, NY 07-07-2015
Everything with my order arrived safe and sound. Loved being able to have printed on the growler and mugs what I wanted. Husband loved his father's day present. Thank you!
Kerry, NE 07-07-2015
The barrel arrived on time for our Independence Day party and took its honored place in our pirate themed shed-zeebo. Our guests could not stop talking about it. Although the aging process has only just begun and we did not drink from it, the quality of the barrel and the amazing engraving make this a piece we will treasure. Thank you!
Mark, NY 07-07-2015
Over all I was happy with my order - the added personalization letters didn't really look like the rest of the clock print but it will do. I think if the letters were a little bigger it would've matched better. It was a gift for my boyfriend who just expanded and updated his garage so it'll look good.
Cheryl, MI 07-07-2015
Arrived on time. I haven't actually seen it as it was a bday present.
Marc, WI 07-06-2015
my name is Carolyn Allen i ordered one of your barrels for my husband birthday and i must tell you he loves it, there was a little problem with him getting it on time but it was not due to you ,i was unexpectedly put in the hospital without completing the order, but thank you and you have a new customer.
Carolyn, VA 07-03-2015
everything was perfect. thank you!
Catherine, AZ 07-02-2015
I was very pleased with my order. It was a fathers? day gift for my husband and he was really surprised and happy with the gift. Nice work.
Angie, WI 06-29-2015
Really liked my whiskey barrel. Now that I see the quality, I plan to order them for all my groomsmen. Thank you.
Kenneth, MA 06-29-2015
Everything was great!!! Had one little problem with the order and they took care of it ASAP! I j ust got my order and everything looks great!
Jeff, IL 06-25-2015
I ordered the product as a gift for a friend. He was very satisfied with them. I miss the faux leather shipping box that you all used in the past but aside from that everything was perfect.
Marcel, MD 06-24-2015
Turned out great!
Wendy, MO 06-23-2015
Thanks for checking. Everything is as was ordered. Delivered when you said it would be. Going to use the barrel this weekend.
Edward, LA 06-23-2015
The barrel was awesome and my husband loved it! Thanks for a great gift!
Marcia, MD 06-23-2015
We just received our order and we are very pleased. It turned out exactly how I expected it.
Sharon, CA 06-23-2015
Loved the product
Roumen, TN 06-21-2015
I was hoping to wait for my husband to get a chance to use it before responding but he's been so busy! He loves it though. He was surprised and very pleased. It looked just as good as I imagined and is the perfect size. Everyone comments about it and asked where I got it from. He is very excited to use it! It even got to my house before the expected date! So I was excited too. Definitely be using you in the future and recommending you to friends!
Linda, CO 06-20-2015
My second order; I'm a realtor and like to get the canvases for my clients at closing - this one was just as lovely as the first and arrived super quickly! I'll be a repeat customer for sure! Thank you!
Amanda, MI 06-18-2015
We were very satisfied with our purchase and would tell friends about your products
Michael, NJ 06-16-2015
Everything was great! My husband loved it and it is hanging behind his bar! Thank you!!
Susan, NM 06-16-2015
I was very pleased with the product it was beautiful
Patricia, NJ 06-16-2015
Everything in my order looked GREAT. Though I haven't seen it in person yet since I shipped it to my parents house near where our wedding is happening.
Jamie, GA 06-16-2015
All is great! Thanks once again!
Myrna, FL 06-15-2015
It was good and even better, on time. Thank you for making this a quick and easy process.
Chris, GA 06-15-2015
Everything was excellent. Thank you.
Damien, CA 06-11-2015
My order came on time and looked great! Thank you so much!!
Bela, NY 06-11-2015
Loved the knife! Thank you for everything! I look forward to ordering from you again.
Felicia, KY 06-11-2015
I was very pleased with everything
Felicia, GA 06-11-2015
When I placed my order, I had forgot to select the sizes for the flip-flops. When I emailed to see if they could give the the sizes I needed, Dan was very helpful and he responded to me very quickly. I have worked in customer service for several years now and I appreciate when I get great customer service. The flip-flops turned out great and my bridesmaids loved them! I will be sure to order again if I need anything else. Thank you!
Grace, MI 06-11-2015
The whiskey barrel was delivered when promised and I am very satisfied with the product.
Brian, IN 06-09-2015
The product came out beautiful. Can't wait to give it to my friend. I might just have to order one for myself.
Kathy, OH 06-06-2015
Everything was as I ordered.
Laura, CA 06-05-2015
Order arrived w/o scratches or being broken.... and in good delivery time. Thank you and yes, I like the item!
Loretta, PA 06-02-2015
I relieved the custom 5L whiskey barrel so fast, and I got it just in time for my dads wedding. The barrel came out beautiful, and exactly how I requested. It was my first time ever ordering something online, and I will definitely tell others about this website for unique, well made gifts!!!
Krisann, IL 06-02-2015
My order was great- the boxes are wonderful and we like the cuff links.
Namita, PA 06-02-2015
I loved it! Thanks so much for the accuracy on the name! I will definitely be coming back for more gifts! :)
Carla, AZ 06-02-2015
Product is GREAT!!, I got this for my friends birthday, and she loves it. Thank you for such great detail and prompt shipping.
Ayenni, MA 05-17-2015
would give you a 5 out of 5 star if there was a survey :). Thank you again!!!
Ryan, SC 05-10-2015
My customer was thrilled with how the trophy came out. She reported beck to me that the car show participants all were hoping they would get it. Thanks
Joan, TX 05-07-2015
It is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!
Allison, SC 05-06-2015
I am very happy with the barrel I can't wait to give it to my husband who loves his batched whiskeys.
Andrea, MI 05-06-2015
lovely thank you so much!
Gina, TX 05-05-2015
Everything looked great!
Mike, GA 05-04-2015
The wine box is great! Didn't have any problems with the packaging. Thank you for getting it to us so promptly.
Richard, CT 05-04-2015
Everything turned out great thank you. I will defiantly tell everyone I know about your site.
John, MT 04-29-2015
Great customer service and end result! Dan was very patient and provided the right guidance to successfully develop a custom logo appropriate for the laser carving. The item was a gift and the recipient was thrilled with the end result. Thanks again.
Thomas, CT 04-29-2015
The barrel looks great. Hasn't been used yet, that's the real test so you'll have to check back in a week or so if you want to know for sure.
Chris, CA 04-28-2015
It was great. 100 satisfied
Kirti, OH 04-28-2015
I haven't seen the barrel in person yet, but over Mother's Day weekend, I plan to. From the pictures, the barrel looked awesome! Lane had opened it for me and said he was jealous it wasn't his. That's always a good sign :)
Lane, MN 04-27-2015
It came out awesome and my best man loved it. I'm looking forward to trying the bourbon when he gets it going. Also, thanks for making the last minute change I requested. I wasn't sure I got it to you in time.
Matthew, FL 04-24-2015
Everything was great. Thank you so much
Corey, MN 04-24-2015
Thank you the barrel is just gorgeous. What a fantastic job. Thank you for your thoughtful shipment of the new cradle for our little barrel! It is just perfect and I will send you a photo that you are welcome to use of our Pythian House and the barrel at home on the bar! Thank you again for your thoughtful and professional service!
John, CA 04-21-2015
Customer service was excellent! I got instant feedback and got all my concerns addressed immediately.
Danith, TX 04-21-2015
Everything was perfect will continue to do business with your company, actually got order a lot sooner than expected, was happy about that.
Natalie, OK 04-21-2015
My order processing, packaging and shipment was handling excellently! The product I was received exceeded my expectations and was a huge hit at the bridal shower!
Jackie, KS 04-20-2015
Service was very quick, and the product was excellent. I am very happy with my order and your company. I will use your services in the future.
Jeremy, FL 04-20-2015
Got it today....looks awesome. Thank you. It's a gift for a friend and if it didn't have his name on it...it would be mine.
Tim, FL 04-20-2015
It was great, thanks!
Lars, NC 04-20-2015
What a nice sign for the price. Thanks!
Valerie, MO 04-19-2015
Fast shipping. Barrel cured in less than three days no leaks. Although the stand could have been made a little more better. Thanks will recommend
John, PA 04-10-2015
Everything was great - on time, just as I ordered it, good quality, reasonably priced. What else is there? Thanks!
William, OH 04-09-2015
The personalized barrel is amazing...it definitely exceeded my expectations! And thank you so much for the extra quick turnaround and shipping....it arrived in time for my boyfriend's birthday and he absolutely loved it! You do great work.....thanks again!
Stephanie, OH 04-09-2015
I order the burbon making kit in the 5 liter size. I haven't made the whiskey yet as I am planning on doing it today! I will say the shipment and delivery was fast and upon receiving the item I was more than pleased!! It's beautiful! Can't wait to give it to my hubby for his birthday!!
Crista, NY 04-07-2015
The stuff was awesome and I appreciate you getting it here in time for my party. I talked you guys up to a number of people at my party. Keep up the great work!
Luke, MN 03-31-2015
This was a birthday gift for my friend who owns a tattoo shop and he really likes the pirate theme. I gave this to him today and he loved it.
Gilbert, CA 03-26-2015
I absolutely love the pillowcases! Thanks so much, it compliments our room so well!!
Markeisha, TN 03-25-2015
The bottles look nice and I'm proud to gift them to my friends.
Keith, AL 03-25-2015
I am SO thrilled with my order. The wine barrel looks great and thank you for using the font we wanted. The kids will be thrilled!!!! Again, you are awesome.
Janet, NY 03-23-2015
the barrel is awesome!!
Courtney, VA 03-23-2015
Excellent service. Love the sign, it was finished and shipped a lot sooner than initially promised.
Richard, SD 03-23-2015
Very, very satisfied! Thanks guys a lot. Perfect product. Hopefully will order some more barrels this year. Will recommend to all friends!!!!
Alexander, NY 03-22-2015
The mini keg was a great hit! My dad loved it and all of my Uncle's want one now.
Julie, OH 03-22-2015
Came through great.
Andrew, TX 03-21-2015
Looks outstanding very well done. Thank you so much!
Ryan, TX 03-18-2015
I loved the barrel I ordered. The only thing I would change would be that I would have got a bigger size. I bought the 1 liter and just was expecting it to be bigger.
Toni, VA 03-18-2015
I was very pleased. It really looks good.
Dennis, MD 03-17-2015
Yes, the second barrel look good and how I wanted it to. Thank you for your customer service.
Tracy, NY 03-14-2015
I love the barrel it's a gift for a friend.
Malcolm, VA 03-14-2015
Thank you! He loves its. Sitting on his boat now. Waited to reply to make sure he used it first. Made it in excellent shape, writing was super clear! Will be ordering another one again soon! Thank you!
Bob, CA 03-10-2015
The product is great and thank you so much for quick delivery! So impressed with your customer service! Thanks again!!
Nicole, PA 03-05-2015
The barrel was great!
Doug, CO 03-04-2015
After a few glitches everything turned out great. I love my new barrel. I still plan to buy something else from you in the near future.
Nicholas, GA 03-04-2015
The turnaround time on the order was good and I was extremely pleased with the quality and appearance of the item. Everyone at the bridal shower loved it and wanted to know where it was purchased. I was also impressed with the packaging of the item. Looking forward to placing my next order.
Jackie, KS 03-02-2015
It was awesome! Great customer service! Thank you!
Amy, WV 02-26-2015
Looks great. It kinda leaks a little.
John, DC 02-25-2015
The watches are very nice, I love them! I think my fellas will love them as well. Thanks a bunch!
Yvaes, MI 02-25-2015
The shipment was good! Delivered way before expected delivery! I was a little surprised about the size for the price. But I probably should've read the dimensions in the advertisement. Thank You!
Colleen, PA 02-16-2015
Everything was great. Thank you.
Alexandra, NY 02-16-2015
Looks great, personalized engraving is the way to go
Dominic, CT 02-13-2015
Very good. Thank you!
Patrick, IL 02-11-2015
I was very pleased with my order, the watches came out perfect and the engravings are quality work. The wood boxes are a little plain for the product but they work and can be styled up by myself. I received them a lot sooner than anticipated which was awesome and the quality was not lacking. Thank you greatly my groomsmen will love them! Definitely coming back for future orders! Have a great day.
Patrick, PA 02-08-2015
I like it. Will order another one, with the same design and quality.
Alexander, NY 02-06-2015
the product is great and the inscription looks awesome!!!
Chase, UT 02-03-2015
Black Ace, Good looking product. Really like everything about it. The personalization turned out great. We've got it mellowing and are going to do our first Bourbon infusion over the weekend. Sorry you won't be there to taste test it with us!
Durward, CO 02-03-2015
Great job by your company! Very satisfied.
Frank, CA 02-03-2015
Very pleased with the purchase. It arrived timely and was exactly what I ordered. Thank you.
Kristin, WI 02-03-2015
Loved both of them! Great quality!
Jamie, CA 01-30-2015
I ordered the sign for my husband's birthday. He loved it. Well built, beautiful finish, beautiful color! My order came on time and I thought it was reasonably priced. I'm glad I went with your company and will definitely use you in the future. Thank you.
Karen, MN 01-29-2015
It looks great. No problems so far!
Kathleen, ME 01-26-2015
The product looks better than I imagined. Very happy with my purchase. Shipment arrived earlier than I expected
Amanda, WI 01-25-2015
The order came and was awesome. Took longer than expected but it's good. Thank you
Nathaniel, WA 01-25-2015
My order was fantastic. I bought this for my brother's 60th day. I was very impressed with the quality and overall look of the barrel. Can't help showing it off. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.
Siobhan, AL 01-23-2015
Great thank you!
Richard, FL 01-22-2015
After I was told my item was obsolete and y'all didn't have it I was worried, but the person I spoke to on the phone was very informative and y'all got out the second item I ordered very quickly, so in the end it was a good experience and the person I got the gift for loved it.
Benjamin, VA 01-22-2015
The product was just as I thought it would be thank you for a job well done
Doug, OH 01-22-2015
Love it! Turned out better than I expected and the bride and groom loved it! Thank you!
Tammy, VA 01-21-2015
Excellent. We are very happy with the product.
Cheryl, MN 01-21-2015
Loved it and have another wedding gift to buy - I will order another one soon!
Myrna, FL 01-21-2015
Fantastic!!!! The product was exactly what I was looking for and the person who I got it for absolutely loved it! It arrived on time and I appreciate all the efforts you took to make sure that happened. Great first experience for me and I will definitely order from you again. Thanks so much!!!
Nicola, NH 01-21-2015
The product that I ordered from Black Ace Design is exceptional. I have referred several people to your website after they saw and inquired about my cufflinks. Great product!!
Marcel, MD 01-17-2015
My son loved it!
Jon, CA 01-13-2015
Awesome. Thx. I would like to order one more.
Derek, MO 01-09-2015
It actually arrived three days before Christmas. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into this to get it here in time for Christmas. The card case itself is very nice and more than meets my expectations.
Mary, NY 01-05-2015
I recommend this seller Highly. My order came in early, and looks great. I can't wait to place another order. Very Satisfied Customer!!!!
Amy, LA 01-05-2015
The barrel is amazing!!! Best gift I ever recieved. Loved the way you are allowed to customize it. Great Job
Erin, MA 01-04-2015
It was amazing showed up by when you said it would (before actually). It was a gift, they loved it, everyone did.
Mark, MA 01-04-2015
The beer belt is awesome. Thank you!
Bailey, NY 01-02-2015
Thank you for our order! It was a HUGE hit and the barrel looked wonderful. We appreciate your hard work and wish you a Happy New Year!
Lena, VA 01-02-2015
All the orders (3 different custom barrels) came out great Awesome that you guys include tips on tasting. Overall love the product and work that went into it, And will definitely be back for future gift ideas.
Mark, CA 12-31-2014
The barrel is great! Thanks for having it shipped before Xmas.
Yadir, CA 12-31-2014
It was great and fast. Thanks
Robyn, CA 12-30-2014
my husband LOVED it! It was the surprise hit of the holiday. i cannot possibly thank you enough
Jessica, UT 12-30-2014
Product ordered was shipped quickly, quality crafted, and was a great gift idea. I was hesitant at first considering the lack of detailed photos, but I think it could help sway some future buyers.
Steven, CA 12-29-2014
I just like to say that I was very pleased in the product and the time length for me to receive it. I didn't need it until April for my wedding party gifts but I'm glad I got them early to be stressed free. Thank you so much and once again I appreciate the quick delivery and the finished product looks outstanding. Have a wonderful holiday.
Steven, NY 12-27-2014
I was really excited to get the barrel in time for Christmas as it wasn't promised by then. The barrel is awesome! I will definitely be ordering a few more for my other drinking buddies. Thanks for the great service and great product.
Derek, MD 12-27-2014
It was great! It was a gift for my dad and he loved it. Even got here before it was promised and by Christmas!
Amanda, NC 12-26-2014
Got it - it's AWESOME. I'll be ordering one for myself soon lol. Thanks for all the help getting it done and out.
Jason, NJ 12-24-2014
Everything's was fantastic! That you very much and great job!
Vincent, IL 12-23-2014
Loved it! Can't wait to give it to my husband.
Sherry, TX 12-22-2014
It is awesome.
Stacy, VA 12-22-2014
It was a gift for my boss and he went home and started the process right away. He thought it was very cool so we will wait till the rum is done and see what it is like.
Michael, NE 12-22-2014
Everything was great! My husband loves it! The personalization was perfect. Thanks!
Jessica, TX 12-21-2014
The product was excellent -- it was exactly as advertised and looks amazing!!!
Lindsay, CA 12-21-2014
this turned out wonderful! Very satisfied with the product.
Lauren, KY 12-18-2014
Just received the item that I ordered which came about 3 days soon which was great. From the Compass Pointe Golfers we want to thank you very much. Tell your staff to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS
Ronald, NC 12-18-2014
Customer service was great! Product is great. Engravings for the most part looked 100 percent. Not sure if it was the way package was handled, but the date engraving had minor damage. All in all thx for getting it to my door before Christmas.
Lucas, TX 12-18-2014
Everything looked great! Thanks!
Marcia, MI 12-15-2014
Everything was absolutely PERFECT! I could not be more pleased with the time it took to receive it and the quality of the gifts! Thanks you so much
Sherry J, IA 12-15-2014
Everything was perfect. Thank you very much.
Antonella, NJ 12-15-2014
Item looks great, got it much faster than expected. Very pleased.
Jessica, IN 12-14-2014
VERY HAPPY with the two wine barrel heads They look awesome and authentic Will definitely add to our home wine cellar!!
Michelle, OH 12-13-2014
Very happy with product - Thanks!
Myrna, FL 12-13-2014
Got it late yesterday!!! Thank you so very much!!!
Caroline, CA 12-12-2014
Wonderful! Our boss was very pleased! Thank you.
Danielle, GA 12-12-2014
The delivery was quick and easy.
Kelsey, GA 12-12-2014
I love it!
Amanda, AR 12-11-2014
The bracelet is exactly as described and pictured thank you.
John, CO 12-10-2014
Just got my package in the mail today- a week early! I love that! The barrel itself is great and I love the stained color. Thanks again for sending it early.
Maeve, IL 12-10-2014
Thank you so much everything is great with the items I purchased.
Alena, AZ 12-09-2014
Everything looked great!
Brian, NC 12-08-2014
It was delivered and it is beautiful!! I am getting ready to secure the spigot in place an fill it with hot water.
Fred, AZ 12-06-2014
Just received my 3 liter whiskey barrel, it is very nice well made the laser engraving is very professional. Looks great on my rustic log mantel.
Monica, MS 12-04-2014
great!!! THANK YOU!!!
Amy, MO 12-03-2014
It was perfect! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the outstanding customer service!!
Teresa, KY 12-02-2014
The sign I ordered looks great, and it arrived in a timely manner. Thank you, I'm very happy with my purchase and I will use your business again!
Kelly, WA 12-02-2014
Everything looks great!! I think they will enjoy the gifts, glad I found your site.
Becky, TN 12-02-2014
I'm overall satisfied with the apron I had ordered. It's sewn well. Although the camouflage fabrics is somewhat thin and I'd prefer to have this apron lined.
Anastasia, DC 12-02-2014
Everything went great with my order. Communication and delivery were timely. I was very satisfied with the product I received for our fundraising event.
Heidi, OK 11-30-2014
Got here a lot sooner than expected and looks great!!! I am curing both barrels now and will have them aging spirits in no time!! Thank you for the great and fast service, will definitely recommend to my friends and co-workers!
Katherine, CA 11-26-2014
My order was perfect! Thank you so much!
Debra, KY 11-24-2014
Beautiful wine barrel tray. Arrived on time. Workmanship outstanding. Can't wait to give this gift!
Sharyn, NY 11-21-2014
They look great. They are actually much bigger than what I was thinking, which is better. Thank you all!
Trevor, WI 11-21-2014
So far I am very happy with my purchase. The order arrived ahead of schedule and everything was spelled properly. It is a wedding gift for a good friend and I am looking forward to presenting it to him.
Greg, CA 11-20-2014
It is amazing! I love it, it's the perfect wedding gift for my fiance! Thank you so much. Shipping was also faster than expected. Great job guys!
Leigh, TX 11-20-2014
I received the item I order very promptly and was happy with what I ordered.
Nancy, WI 11-20-2014
It was fine. I wish there were different color of pillow case to choose from as well.
Khanh, CA 11-18-2014
This was a gift for my dad, Joe. I've talked to him since he got it and he loves it. I haven't seen it but he says it is great quality.
Joe, TX 11-18-2014
very very nice and thank you for upgraded shipping!
Carolyn, OK 11-18-2014
I was very pleased with the product and service. Wonderful job. Thank you!
Zachary, CA 11-18-2014
It is exactly as I expected, great quality.
Tino, AL 11-17-2014
I received the tray yesterday and it's perfect. It is a gift for my husband for our wedding anniversary. I gave it to him as soon as it arrived and he was very surprised and impressed with how well the tray is made. It will be a great conversation piece during his wiskey night get together with his friends and at Christmas with our families. Thank you again for expediting the order. I would definitely order from your company again.
Anne, AL 11-15-2014
I was extremely happy with my order! It came early and it was awesome!!! It was a surprise for my husband and he loved it! I love the look of it and the personalization actually looks really good.
Jessica, KS 11-10-2014
It awesome thank you!
Joshua, MA 11-10-2014
It came is great. just what I expected.
Mary, NE 11-10-2014
The barrel was awesome! The lettering on it looked great. The only thing I didn't mind was that there is a lot of rattling on the inside from some wood stuck in there and I can't get it out. He gets the gift tomorrow tho and I'm sure that he will love it.
Sunny, NC 11-10-2014
Great Service and Product. Thanks!!
William, PA 11-07-2014
We absolutely love it! It will be a focal point in the wine room we are building. Thank you.
David, NV 11-06-2014
Everything was perfect. Thanks!
Dale, KY 11-06-2014
I ordered the sign for friends and they loved it.
Todd & Amy, NE 11-03-2014
I just received the item today and I LOVED IT!!!
Lea Lee, KY 10-30-2014
love everything about it.
Jena, AL 10-28-2014
Daniel, AZ 10-28-2014
Absolutely loved everything about my order! From the custom design printed on the barrel to the time it took from purchase to my door step, y'all have done an exceptional job. I ordered this product as a gift but may have to buy one for myself after seeing how well it turned out. This was my first time ordering from your website and it won't be my last. Thank you for all your hard work.
Jacob, TX 10-28-2014
Everything was perfect, thank you!
Christopher, NY 10-22-2014
Looove it! Thanks!
Jackilyn, NH 10-22-2014
Looks good to me.
Albert, MA 10-22-2014
It is perfect! Exceptional quality at a fabulous price! I could not be happier with this purchase from beginning to end. The custom work is flawless. Thank you!
Valerie, MI 10-16-2014
We were happy with the purchase.
Angie, TX 10-16-2014
Looks better than pictured. Thank you!
Casey, ND 10-15-2014
Everything is great! I bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it! Thanks so much:)
Kristen, MA 10-15-2014
Very cool. Excited to give this to my husband. Thanks.
Kathleen, AZ 10-15-2014
Beautifully done! Thank you for such speedy service!
Katie, CT 10-11-2014
Thank you for getting my order corrected and sent back out so quickly. Much appreciated and made it in plenty of time for the wedding!
Trevor, CA 10-08-2014
The barrel head arrived this week, and it looks great. Thanks for your help.
Brad, KY 10-04-2014
I am happy to say that you have reached complete satisfaction with my order. It got here on time (a day ahead of the original date showed actually) and it looks exactly like it was supposed to which is far better than other places I've ordered things from. So thank you so much for the engraving and getting it here quickly.
Lane, TX 10-01-2014
We are very happy with the product we ordered from your company. It's going to serve as a decoration at our upcoming wedding.
Sacha and Emily, CA 09-25-2014
The personalized oak barrel head wine cellar sign looks great. Shipping was fast and product arrived as promised!
Kevin, PA 09-23-2014
We are very pleased with the quality of the product. The recipients loved it!!
Amy, CA 09-23-2014
Loved my product! Thank you :)
Jodie, MT 09-22-2014
Everything was as expected. Exactly what I expect when purchasing a product. Thank you.
Nathan, NC 09-21-2014
I received it today, thank goodness!!! Not sure why there was a delay from the shipping info but no worries, I have the product on time!! Thanks for the extra effort!!!
Carrie, IL 09-19-2014
The wine stopper looks great. Just had the one issue with the order not shipping when it was supposed to. After contacting you though I was offered a refund for my shipping and the item was delivered within the week. Thank you for working with me on that.
Hugh, NC 09-17-2014
The replacement was wonderful. We are sending back the old one. Thank you so much for all you did to correct the problem. Your customer service is a model that all companies should follow and emulate. Thank you again and we hope to do business with you all again.
Steven, MT 09-11-2014
Barrel looked beautiful. Thanks guys.
Ognjen, NY 09-11-2014
I am Thrilled with the product, as well as the timely Shipping! I will recommend your business to others. Thank you!
Carol, MD 09-10-2014
Just wonderful! We love the product and how easy it was to place the order and get it deliver on time. We will be shopping from your company again very soon. Thank you!
Liz, CA 09-09-2014
The product is beautiful and arrived in plenty of time! I will definitely use this service again!
Steve, UT 09-09-2014
Thank you! I received the new one, and it is much better.
Amy, ID 09-09-2014
I am thrilled with my purchase! I can't wait to give it to my groom in just a couple of weeks. :)
Amy, IL 09-09-2014
Amanda, OH 09-09-2014
My friends received the bourbon barrel yesterday and love it! Looks great and fast delivery (especially considering personalization).
Dallas & Michelle, WA 09-05-2014
Everything was great thank you.
Christopher, ME 09-02-2014
Krista loved the engraved wine barrel top tray. She posted it on Facebook where I could see. You guys do a great job of showing the item on your website. The finished product looks just like your posted item. The engraving came out beautiful! I will definitely recommend your site to friends.
Krista, NJ 09-02-2014
Everything with my order was great. It was a little disappointing that it had to be back-ordered and was a little bit delayed but I appreciated the upgrade to express shipping. I will definitely recommend you all in the future.
Chris, NC 09-02-2014
Everything was great! I received the order faster than what I was expecting!
Jennifer, MN 09-02-2014
The replacement cookie jar came. I love the jar.
Deborah, WA 08-31-2014
my purchase was great!
Jordan, FL 08-30-2014
The order came fast and on time, which I appreciate! The engraving is very nice, but the dice cup is plastic in the inside. I thought it would be all lined with leather.
Lukas, MN 08-26-2014
The items worked out perfectly, thank you.
Tom, IL 08-25-2014
Quick delivery was great. Products look good!
Kenneth, MO 08-24-2014
Thanks, I am happy with the order! It is what I expected.
Tara, MO 08-23-2014
I checked my mailbox today and I was happy to find the product I ordered. I am very satisfied with the quality of the cufflinks. Thank you.
Mario, FL 08-23-2014
The new order came out significantly better, I appreciate the assistance in taking care of the original issue. I am very pleased with the how it was handled and the end result. Thank you again.
Alexander, MA 08-21-2014
My order arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. My wife will love this gift as she decorates in a country decor and our names and the anniversary date on the barrel will make a unique aniversary gift. I'm glad I found you guys. Thank You!
Robert, SC 08-21-2014
Just received all of my barrels. Everything looks great and I am very pleased with how fast I got my order. Thanks a ton.
Timothy, AZ 08-19-2014
I was extremely happy with my recent order. I will certainly be using your company again.
Alden, RI 08-18-2014
I was very happy and impressed with how fast I received the package. I paid rush as I was hoping to have the package by Saturday an received it on Friday so it was perfect! Thank you!
Kati, MA 08-18-2014
It was amazing. I can not believe how fast it came.
Mr and Mrs Ben and Julie, IL 08-17-2014
Absolutely loved it! Exceeded my expectations. Can not wait to give it to my boyfriend! Thank you so much, I will definitely be a returning customer.
Erin, IN 08-16-2014
Happy with order.
Thomas, CA 08-16-2014
We had a great ordering experience. The mini hockey stick looks great and was delivered earlier than expected. Thanks for the excellent service!
Andrew, NC 08-14-2014
Excellent! Thanks!
Brett, OK 08-14-2014
Had my team in stock! Engraving looks great. Thanks!
Kenneth, MO 08-13-2014
I am very happy with the quality of the product and I think my sister will love the idea.
Susan, NH 08-10-2014
Perfection, can't wait to give it as a housewarming gift... they will love it!
Madonna, SD 08-09-2014
Thank you for sending me the elephant Princess height chart. I love it! Thank you for correcting her height chart! Her room is an elephant room and the height chart adds more to it! Thank you for being so obliging and sending out the height chart we had wanted originally! We will order again! Thank you
Robin, TX 08-09-2014
Great rustic canvas. Dad loves it! Thank you.
Lisa, NJ 08-08-2014
The personalized bat I ordered was just as nice as I had hoped. It looks nice, it's for my son, so it's pretty special already. It was packaged nicely and delivered promptly too. You guys do nice work. Thank you.
Jeffrey, MA 08-07-2014
Engraving is very nice!
Brianna, CO 08-07-2014
We love it!!!! It was better than your website pictured. We are using this for our wedding and doing a wine blending. Thanks so much.
Pamela, GA 08-07-2014
It is pretty darn stylish. Thanks guys.
Jimmy, LA 08-06-2014
I just wanted to let you know that I received the updated growth chart that goes up to 6 feet today. Thank you so much for all your help!
Kelly, PA 08-05-2014
We are pleased with the barrel.
Frank, DE 08-04-2014
pretty cool how it looks like chalk, but is personalized forever!
Jacob, MO 08-03-2014
My guys are going to love me for these... thanks.
Ryan, CA 08-01-2014
Great! Thank you.
Conner, MO 07-28-2014
ushers loved them... thank you.
Heather, WI 07-27-2014
Received just in time... and made great wedding party gifts.
Jason, TX 07-27-2014
Perfect, very happy.
Kathryn, AZ 07-25-2014
The gift was received in excellent shape and packaging. The personalized canvas was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so very much!
Jane, IL 07-22-2014
my groomsmen loved them, and few commented how they may lose it since it's such awesome camo. lol.
Cory, CO 07-21-2014
Highly pleased with the clock, just as advertised. Especially liked how well it was packaged. Would surely order again for your company.
Gail, MA 07-21-2014
Everything is good and what I wanted. Thanks for the quicker shipping free upgrade.
Luke, MN 07-21-2014
Haven't opened them all yet but the ones I did look great!
Christopher, TX 07-21-2014
Made dad smile, so all good here. Thanks for the help ordering!
Bridget, AL 07-21-2014
The timing on my order was great!
Jamie, AZ 07-21-2014
Thank you, it was fantastic...
Kathleen, NY 07-20-2014
Thank you so much for our personalized canvas tote! We were sent the wrong color by mistake and Black Ace Design fixed it immediately, and it's a big, useful, beautiful bag!
Julie, IN 07-17-2014
Made my groomsmen shopping easy. Thank you for the upgraded shipping.
Louie, CA 07-17-2014
Looks better than advertised, great quality. Thanks much!
Jeff, IL 07-16-2014
The iPad was great, and delivery was fast. Thanks.
Yvette, PA 07-16-2014
Ordered it for my brother. He loves it and it looks fantastic! Thanks.
David, WA 07-15-2014
Everything was great. Totally met expectations.
Randy, FL 07-15-2014
Everything looks great, thanks for quick turnaround on the correct item. Greatly appreciate it!
Sean, MD 07-15-2014
Fantastic! I ordered your personalized pizza sign for an Italian bachelorette party. It arrived exactly on time! And the bride loved it so much she is incorporating it into the wedding! Thank you.
Jamie, ME 07-15-2014
Everything is great, filled the barrel last night with Mahattans... wish you guys sold the tablets to santitize the barrel.
William, CA 07-15-2014
I bought it as a wedding gift for my cousin. Their wedding colors were purple and white. She says she loves it!
Paula & Mark, CA 07-14-2014
The mugs look great and got here quickly!! Thanks!
Gregory, CA 07-11-2014
It was absolutely perfect and everything I wanted. Thank you!
Brynn, WA 07-11-2014
I am happy with the whiskey barrel I ordered and received from you.
Anthony, VA 07-10-2014
Wish we could have put more personalization on it, as I needed more room, but great product. Thank you for the great service!
Craig, FL 07-09-2014
The barrel looks great. Can't wait to try it out.
Brady, ND 07-08-2014
Just wanted to let you know I ordered it as a gift and my Dad loved it! It was exactly as it looked on the website which doesn't always happen. :)
Jan, IL 07-07-2014
I loved my sign and beer cooler!
Bryan, ME 07-07-2014
I received the sign today and am very pleased with the workmanship and quality. After opening it up, I was surprised to see that there is a tap included with the piece, which unless I'm not seeing it, isn't found in the picture/description of the item. It's a nice touch - I'd recommend that you update the product description. Thank you!
Daniel, PA 07-07-2014
I am THRILLED with my purchase. I'm a realtor and your product is so impressive and is allowing me to knock the socks off my clients. I will be ordering a lot more!! Thank you!!
Amanda, MI 07-07-2014
Everything was perfect! Thanks!
William, VA 07-07-2014
The product was even nicer than I expected. Great communication from the company when the was a problem fulfilling the order, and once resolved it was shipped out quick. Thanks much.
Nicholas, NY 07-02-2014
Everything was good. Thanks.
Brad, OH 06-30-2014
Did the job!
Ron, CA 06-29-2014
I love the personalized humidor. Thank you for the quick production and shipping. I would definitely buy from Black Ace again.
Shannon, TX 06-25-2014
We were very happy with our purchase.
Todd, NY 06-23-2014
The wine barrel sign was better than what we expected! Great size and color, authentic looking. We all loved it!
Rosalinda, TX 06-23-2014
It was a big hit! My Husband loves his 2L barrel!.
Monica, CA 06-22-2014
I love my engagement iPhone case the only suggestion I would make is to add a cover to it to protect it more.
Brittany, FL 06-22-2014
Very good thank you.
Leland, WY 06-22-2014
Dad loved it, thanks!
Jayden, TX 06-21-2014
The cufflinks look great!
Lizath, IL 06-19-2014
My order was great. Timely and correct. Perfect gift for my groomsmen!
Aaron, WA 06-17-2014
They were great and all looked good. Everyone enjoyed them.
Mark, TX 06-15-2014
I was extremely happy with the rush order I placed. It arrived before the estimated date. The gift will be enjoyed. Thank you.
Debra, MN 06-15-2014
I'm very satisfied. The wife love it. Definitely will tell a friends and coworkers. Thanks a lot.
Lenny, MD 06-15-2014
I absolutely love the product came out exactly how I wanted it. It was great quality, and great customer support. I would rate this site and product 10/10. Great item quality. Great service. I would definitely come back to this site in the future. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who looking for these kind of products. This makes a great Father's Day present. Thank you so much.
Arthur, NJ 06-13-2014
It looks fine, thank you.
Betty, OH 06-13-2014
Everything turned out great! Appreciate the business and will definitely use you again!
Craig, IL 06-11-2014
Thank you so much! I will definitely be ordering from you again!
Charles, TX 06-11-2014
It looks better than I had imagined. Thanks!!!!!
Jason, OH 06-10-2014
I was very pleased with it! Thank you it turned out great!
Nikki, WY 06-10-2014
Very very cute and well done! Thanks!
Rebecca, GA 06-09-2014
Thank you for delivering the pocket watch on time. He really liked it.
Andrew, TX 06-09-2014
Thank you for the great service.
Roger, OH 06-07-2014
My husband was a little disappointed... until he saw the bottom of the glass! :) Thank you for the great service.
Leslie, TX 06-06-2014
Everything was great. Fast response and it looks great.
Brian, KY 06-03-2014
Delivered on time. product was in good condition. Happy.
Jay, NC 05-30-2014
The signs look great, I am happy with the quality. Love them.
Suzanne, GA 05-29-2014
I really am satisfied with the quality and workmanship and how quickly the gifts for my groomsmen arrived. Thank you and I appreciate everything.
Nicholas, FL 05-28-2014
They were perfect! ;) Thank you!
Andrea, MN 05-28-2014
The order arrived in a timely manner, and the contents were as advertised. Everything went great.
Grant, FL 05-27-2014
We love the name plaque. It's gorgeous. So glad we ordered from you. Thank you!
Elizabeth, AR 05-24-2014
Everything looks very nice. Haven't used yet so can't comment on function. would like to have seen a little more information about creative ways to use the keg. For example how aging one beverage in it this time will impact the next beverage. How the wood reacts to certain flavors etc. But so far pleased with kegs. One was gift and it seemed to impress giftee.
Rick, CO 05-22-2014
I received my second order from BlackAceDesign (small whiskey barrel) and it went just as smoothly as the first time. Thanks very much!
Eric, NY 05-22-2014
Everything went great. The customization on the barrels look excellent and we're going to order our usher gifts through you too. Thanks!!
Cathy, IL 05-21-2014
awesome, exactly what I wanted!
Wendy, PA 05-21-2014
My order was exactly as described. I'm very satisfied and would most definitely use your site again.
Anthony, NJ 05-21-2014
Overall I'm fairly satisfied. The shipping was quick, I appreciate the email updates and tracking info. The barrel is smaller than I imagined, but that's totally just my imagining the size for what I ordered.
Christopher, CO 05-16-2014
The aging barrel was perfect and my son loved the inscription! Nicely done.
Allyson, CA 05-16-2014
Came fast. Looks better in person. Ordering a few more in a bit. Thank you.
Tyler, NY 05-15-2014
Hey thank you. The order got here and it was exactly what I wanted. You guys held up to your word and I will most likely buy from you again. I look forward to doing business with you again.
John, IN 05-15-2014
I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for making it right and sending it out in a hurry! I will be ordering from you soon!
Caroline, CA 05-14-2014
The picture frames I ordered are beautiful! The amount of time for processing and delivery was good too!
Deborah, NJ 05-13-2014
The award came out very nice. The engraving was very crisp. Nice work.
Bill, MN 05-12-2014
We were very pleased with our order. Came in earlier than expected and looked very nice.
Kathi, KY 05-11-2014
It was great, thank you so much.
Greg, IA 05-10-2014
Thank you for my sign! The order came through on time and looks great! Customer service was also friendly and prompt. Best of luck to your company moving forward.
Andrew, ND 05-10-2014
I am very happy with my order. The watch and engraving are very nice.
Jenn, KY 05-10-2014
They all came out perfect. Very satisfied. Thank you for all your help!
Charlie, NY 05-09-2014
I am satisfied with the product and service. Thanks.
Joshua, SC 05-09-2014
The plaque was excellent and the recipients thought it was beautiful. Several commented on the flag.
Deana, SD 05-07-2014
They look great. Thank you!
Jenny, IL 05-07-2014
I am very happy with the product I ordered as well as the service and delivery time. Thank you!
Christie, MO 05-06-2014
My order was perfect. It came in just in time and was beautiful! Great experience. Thanks.
Jesse, ND 05-06-2014
I am very pleased with my order. Everything was perfect. Thank you.
Paul, KS 05-03-2014
Everything was fine.
Cindy, NY 05-03-2014
Thank you for the great service correcting my item.
Michael, TX 05-02-2014
Everything looks great! Thanks so much!
Amanda, FL 05-01-2014
Everything looked great, and was surprised at how quick the cufflinks got here. Thank you.
John, KY 04-30-2014
wow! the barrel head is amazing! we were not prepared to be as impressed as we are. it looks great on our wall and the grape vines we hung around it, compliment it perfectly. thank you so much for such an awesome piece! we will recommend black ace design whenever we have the opportunity.
Ben, CO 04-29-2014
The order was perfect and delivered right on time. Thank You Guys.
Mark, CA 04-28-2014
Everything turned out awesome! Looked even better than I thought. Thank you for the great work and the timely delivery!!
Shawn, GA 04-27-2014
Everything was excellent. A friend received this from another company and the company's website wouldn't let me put the full year such as it was limited to 8 characters. I started looking for another company with the picture and you all let me all the extra letters for the year. I love my purchase. Thank you!
Sharon, TX 04-27-2014
Fantastic. It's a gift for a friend and I can't wait to give it to him. I'm probably going to end up getting one for myself. Thanks!
Chance, FL 04-24-2014
Was the look I was going for... we all used them in the wedding. Thanks again!
Creed, CA 04-24-2014
I love both the items I ordered . The flask and the money clip were both even better than I expected. And the order came very quickly.
Aubrey, CA 04-23-2014
Its great! Thank you!!!
Shea Lyn, TX 04-23-2014
The six oak barrels I ordered from Black Ace Design were a real hit. All of my groomsmen and father-in-law loved them. I ordered five oak barrels and upon receiving them, immediately ordered the sixth a day or two later. I was impressed with how quickly they made it to my house.
Donald, PA 04-21-2014
Engraving is slightly small, but quality pen, will definitely order again soon. Thanks!
Allison, CA 04-21-2014
Thanks a lot. We love the board. Its better than expect. Quality is great. Only thing is if the hanging loop at back was stronger - would be great The colors and design are awesome Delivery was very quick too!
Sushma, CA 04-18-2014
was better than I was expecting.
Michael, MI 04-18-2014
Everything was great! I ordered 5 little whiskey barrels, and they all arrived in good shape. You even sent me one extra barrel stand. Since then I realized I needed one more so I have separately ordered a 6th one that I'm waiting for now. No complaints!
Eric, NY 04-17-2014
I just wanted to say I am extremely impressed with your craftsmanship and look forward to ordering from you in the future.
Lee, TX 04-15-2014
I should have ordered larger than the 1 liter but very happy with the engraving. Will probably order the 3 liter next time.
Connie, KY 04-14-2014
I love it! I know my son will too!
Joyce, PA 04-11-2014
The products ordered arrived 2 weeks ahead of when they were scheduled to arrive. Great and speedy service!!
Joseph, MD 04-10-2014
Arrived sooner than anticipated. Pretty good price, and was packaged well. I will keep your site in mind when needing more.
Christine, IL 04-09-2014
Awesome, awesome, awesome you did a wonderful job getting our order to us in time. We will definitely use your company again. Thank you.
Eduard, NY 04-06-2014
I am very happy with your products, they are beautifully designed. Thank you very much for your help and service.
Ronnie, MA 04-04-2014
The 2 liter barrel looks great. The barrel is a quality product.
Mike, OR 04-02-2014
Perfect and very timely! Thank you for great customer service!
Val, MI 04-01-2014
The barrels were awesome and a big hit with the groomsmen. I had to get myself one too.
Adam, TX 03-31-2014
The wine bottle stopper was great. The shipping was quick and the product seems to be very good quality. It looks really nice and feels heavy. I am very impressed and am anxious to give it as a gift.
Justin, AZ 03-28-2014
I received the replacement order today. It looks much better! Thank you for all your help.
Cori, NY 03-27-2014
Everything on my order was great! It was shipped in full, all correct, and came very quickly. I appreciate your quick turn around! The groomsmen will really enjoy the personalized growler set. Because of the success we are now looking at your wine glass options for the bridesmaids. Again, your service was superior. Easy to order, easy to set up the engraving template, and very fast turnaround.
Curtis, OH 03-25-2014
The barrels are really nice.
Brigitte, UT 03-25-2014
I haven't gotten a look at them yet, but they arrived at my sisters. I was very happy with Dan's quick response, input and sample picture of said input. He gets a 10! I will let you know what I think of the product when I get eyes on them.
Leah, PA 03-25-2014
I'd like to thank you for the excellent quality of the personalized last-name sign and for its speedy delivery. I was greatly impressed and very satisfied with your service and the sign is simply beautiful! Everyone loved it. I'd definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family and shop with you in the future.
Sveta, NV 03-25-2014
wish I could afford them all :) thanks!
Andrea, WA 03-21-2014
I received my order today, it actually turned out to be better than I expected. I love the way it looks and I shipped it off to Korea to my husband for his anniversary gift. Thank you.
Betty, WA 03-19-2014
I think they all look really great! Thanks so much!
Adam, WI 03-19-2014
pretty dang good product for the price.
Dennis, FL 03-18-2014
Everything is great! Thank you for all of your attention, we are thrilled with the new stand and the engraving now looks great. I really appreciate the quick response to our concern with the first barrel. Thanks again!
Scott, NJ 03-17-2014
Shipped in time for my husband's birthday- THANK YOU! I didn't think that was going to happen with the calendar on the website. It looks nice.
Mike, MI 03-17-2014
I purchased this for my son, it arrived today and he absolutely loves it! It looks exactly like the description and picture online and I'm glad I made the purchase. Thank you.
Cody, MI 03-13-2014
Everything in my order was perfect! I look forward to ordering something from you again very soon!
Louis, TX 03-13-2014
We ordered it for a friend and she loved it! I was sad that it did not make it for her birthday, but neither the less the end product we beautiful!!! Everyone that has seen it loves it.. Great job.
Carlene, MN 03-12-2014
The product was great; thank you. It looked great and all requests were honored. The description / direction insert is also very helpful.
Bernd, PA 03-11-2014
We are completely satisfied with our order! The mugs came out perfectly and we love the design! They also got in even earlier than we expected. Thank you!
Emily, OH 03-10-2014
Engraving a little harder to see but probably because it is so shiny. I would order again though, thank you.
George, FL 03-10-2014
Pretty good set and the box was a help... made my job easy! :)
John, FL 03-09-2014
Amazing. Gifts look awesome and we are excited to give them to the groomsmen.
Wanda, TX 03-08-2014
The product and timeliness of getting the order was good.
Dawn, AZ 03-08-2014
Product is great.
Josh, DC 03-07-2014
I am very pleased with how the barrels turned out and am very satisfied.
Gregory, IL 03-07-2014
My name is Allison. My husband John and I got married on Saturday March 1st, 2014. I ordered this product (Bourbon barrel) for our Best Man. The product was AMAZING!!! We could not have been any happier with the way it looked!!! I ordered this product about a week and half before I needed it and we bought the quickest shipping offered and it arrived a day earlier then it said it would! BONUS!!! Amazing gift, Amazing shipping, Amazing customer service! 5 out of 5 stars! thank you for the amazing service!
John, PA 03-04-2014
I had a good experience with the order.
Chris, CA 03-02-2014
The order was great with surprisingly fast shipping. I will recommend you to friends.
John, TN 03-02-2014
Excellent correspondence from your company. Very happy with product.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, PA 02-25-2014
Everything was mostly good, the only minor issue was the stand, it was broken upon opening the box. Nothing a little bit of modelling glue couldn't fix! The barrel itself is wonderful, and I am in the process of curing it now. I sincerely hope my wife likes it, it's part of her Christmas gift for last year, as she has been deployed to Afghanistan. I believe I did my research accurately and got the white oak whiskey, in the hopes that it holding rum won't be too far off par. I thank ya'll very much for this, and hope this feedback serves a good purpose!
Jesse, CA 02-24-2014
Never had such great service before. Will be back when I need more! Thank you so much!
Taryn, GA 02-24-2014
They are very nice, I can't wait to give them as gifts.
Sarah, RI 02-22-2014
Everything arrived quickly and correct. I'll definitely keep you in mind for future purchases and pass along your website.
Brandon, KY 02-22-2014
Everything was great. The item turned out exactly how I wanted it and as described. Great customer service too.
Andrew, NY 02-22-2014
Very pleased, thank you, look forward to doing more business with you....
April, NC 02-22-2014
Everything was fine. Thanks.
Ed, LA 02-21-2014
Thank you , the item we received was to our liking.
Patricia, AZ 02-21-2014
The dog tags looked great..... I will definitely order from you again when the need arises.
Hank, AZ 02-20-2014
Was perfect for our company promotion! Will be back...
Kevin, IL 02-19-2014
Both products came out great and were delivered before the estimated delivery date. Thanks!
Nima, CA 02-18-2014
The gifts look great and my groomsmen are going to enjoy them.
Roy, GA 02-18-2014
The cuff links look better than expected! Prompt delivery....very satisfied.
Roy, CA 02-17-2014
The oak wine barrels look better in person than in the photos. Laser inscriptions are clear and accurate. Shipped quickly. Will be ordering a couple more in the next few days. Thank you.
Mark, MI 02-16-2014
Thanks, everything was great, and I will use you guys again!
Shaneric, CA 02-15-2014
Was a great anny gift for my parents!
Lynn, CT 02-13-2014
Thank you. You guys have been a big help and done a great job. I haven't looked at all of them, but I am sure they are great.
Candace, MD 02-12-2014
I am very happy with both of the three liter whiskey barrels I ordered from you. They are very sturdy and built with quality materials. The custom work on the front of the barrels is better then I thought it ever would have been. I also received both products way before the estimated delivery date. Thank you.
Drew, NJ 02-12-2014
The glasses I ordered are just wonderful and I think the groomsmen will love them! The shipping was AMAZINGLY fast compared to what I thought it was going to be. Now I just can't wait to hand them out!! Five stars :)
Jessica, WI 02-06-2014
My order looked great. Thank you!
Jessica, NY 02-05-2014
Just got it today and it looks amazing. Can't wait to give it too my boyfriend. You guys have been great with communication. Thank you so much for everything. Definitely going to recommend you guys to my friends.
Jennifer, FL 02-04-2014
Everything is great! The watches are amazing! Thank you for following up and thank you for the amazing customer service.
Milagros, CA 02-04-2014
OMGOSH, my husband LOVED his money clip. You did a beautiful job and if I need a product again I will come back to you. Excellent job!
Robin, FL 02-03-2014
tequila bull is exactly what my man cave needed... thanks amuch!
Brian, MA 02-03-2014
The service was great, and the item came quickly. The tool looks great as well. Thank you.
Thomas, MA 02-02-2014
The barrel was very finely crafted.
Gina, PA 02-01-2014
It came out perfect! Thanks much!
John, CA 01-29-2014
It was worth the wait [b/c of back-order], my mother in law loved it. Thank you so much guys.
Greg, IA 01-28-2014
The quality of work and the watches were fine. Thank you.
Shannon, AZ 01-28-2014
Everything was good and on time like it said. Thank you for the good customer service.
Mark, TX 01-26-2014
The order came out great! thanks so much!
Stephanie, NY 01-25-2014
The order was perfect! My husband loved his cuff links in honor of our 15 year wedding anniversary. Even with my slow follow up to an email my order was not delayed and came right on time. Thank you so very much!
Kim, SC 01-24-2014
I received my order today and everything's correct!
Adam, MI 01-24-2014
From first opening the package, it was a better product than expected. Very happy with my purchase so far.
Mark, IN 01-21-2014
We received the cups that we ordered today... they look amazing and we are very satisfied with the quality.
Candace, IN 01-21-2014
All products arrived when promised. The glassware all looked great. Very nice. Made a great gift. I would definitely order them again!
Stacey, IN 01-20-2014
Kristen, NC 01-18-2014
My husband was beyond excited. He already has the whiskey barrel curing so he can start aging his own whiskey. Thank you so much for everything!!
Amber, NE 01-09-2014
Thanks so much. The two door signs were perfect. Easy to hang. The kids love them.
Pamela, CA 01-09-2014
Everything in my order turned out great. We were very happy with our purchases. Thank you.
Joanna, MI 01-08-2014
Great service. Got a proof of the engraving quickly, and filled the order very quickly. Great job and when I have more needs I will be back.
Matthew, OR 01-07-2014
The wine barrel top sign was very nice. Thank you!
Wendy, TX 01-07-2014
So glad to have an opportunity to give feedback. I dealt with Dan regarding the purchase of a bourbon barrel for my husband and I don't believe I've ever had such a positive customer service experience. There was a bit of a mix-up with the barrel and he straightened everything out immediately and gifted us the barrel that was sent as a mistake. I am so appreciative, he went above and beyond what I expected. I not only plan to purchase from Black Ace Design in the future but have told and will continue to tell friends and family about the company (and Dan!). The barrel itself is awesome, and those that have seen it want one of their own:) Thank you to Black Ace Design for such a great gift, and thank you again to Dan for his exemplary work!
Elizabeth, FL 01-07-2014
The sign looks great.
Remi, MA 01-07-2014
It made a wonderful gift! My boyfriend loved it! Thanks!
Brook, CO 01-07-2014
Thank you for following up about my order! Everything turned out perfectly and the shipping time even considering the holidays was sooner than expected. The gift was also very well received! Thank you again!
Casey, FL 12-29-2013
I was very satisfied with how the barrel top came out. Better than it looked on the website! Thanks
Molly, VA 12-29-2013
The wine barrell top is awesome looking and wife loved it. It has a little chip from likely being tossed during shipping on a side plank but not too concerned. Definitely will recommend you guys to others!
Jeffrey, NC 12-29-2013
We received our whiskey barrel in perfect condition and exactly how we ordered it. We bought it as a Christmas gift and it was a hit!
Kelly, OH 12-28-2013
Our order was exactly as desired. The gifts were a large hit at our family gathering. Just wish I had realized how small 2 and 3L would be in the kegs. I should have ordered at least a 5L, but that was my mistake. Thanks!
Tom, NC 12-28-2013
Hey guys, I bought the growler and glasses for my father for Christmas. They arrived in time and nothing was broken. He loved them. Nice work. I will be a repeat customer.
Charly, MI 12-28-2013
Great, great , great. It was my favorite one this year because it not only came on time, but with names and dates and design correct. Happy faces. I hope to order from you again and will certainly pass on the website, Happy New Year.
Rita, NY 12-27-2013
So thrilled with the product and the service! It was a lovely gift. Thank you so much!
Becky, IA 12-27-2013
Turned out great!
Katherine, OR 12-27-2013
The item turned out great! Aside from the slight delay we had with the shipping, I couldn't be happier with the end result. Thanks.
The Honorable Scott, IL 12-26-2013
Hello, everything was excellent with the order. The barrel was a good quality along with the lettering. This was a gift and he was very pleased. Thank you!
Rhonda, CO 12-26-2013
Everything was great from the product to the ordering. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Lisa, MI 12-26-2013
Everything was great and Dan did a great job of taking care of multiple orders and getting them delivered on time. I will be ordering again!
Mike, IL 12-25-2013
I received my product in the time needed and I was very satisfied with it. Thanks for everything!
Joseph, CO 12-17-2013
Very happy with my order I love the cups there awesome looking.
Jamie, NY 12-16-2013
My order came out exactly as I expected it to. That's the thing about xmas, The torture over having to wait so long before you can give it to the person to see their reaction. I really appreciate your fast turn around time. Thanks very Much.
Angela, FL 12-12-2013
The humidors look great. I haven't had a chance to put them to use yet, but I'm sure my groomsmen will be as happy as I am with how they came out. Thanks!
Kenneth, RI 12-11-2013
Happy with my product!!! No complaints here :)
Eva, CA 12-10-2013
Everything was fine. Thanks.
Maxime, NY 12-08-2013
Perfect! Good service, nice product.
Mark, MO 12-07-2013
Absolutely loved our whiskey barrel engraved top!! It's more than we expected. Can't wait to give it as a gift! Thanks for the fast service!!
Katie, IL 12-06-2013
It was perfect! Thank you.
Carmen, WI 12-03-2013
I was very pleased with the quality of my order. Packaged appropriately and timely delivery are the perfect winning combination in any company. For all of those reasons, I will be ordering again shortly and have told friends about the website so they can enjoy products available. Hope all staff has a happy and healthy holiday season!
Teri, IA 12-03-2013
Thank you for getting the Wine Box out to us so promptly. It was in perfect condition!
Richard, CT 12-02-2013
Everything was great! Thank you!
Jason, MO 12-02-2013
Everything looks great. Thank you.
Cole, CO 11-30-2013
Everything i ordered was excellent.
Kristin, AZ 11-30-2013
Thank you for following up with us. The order was processed timely and your product made a great gift. The shipping information was a bit confusing when directed through the paypal site because the shipping address and paypal address seemed to be switched, but everything went correctly, so wasn't a problem. Thanks for your help.
Grant, TX 11-26-2013
The item ordered was delivered perfect and the delivery did not take long at all. Most appreciated, thanks!
Crystal, IL 11-25-2013
The customized wine barrel head arrived on Friday. It is a Christmas gift for my wife so I just took a quick peak before hiding it in the garage, but it looks like a beautiful job. Thanks for working with me!
Paul, TX 11-24-2013
Perfect thank you guys.
Andy, FL 11-24-2013
Very quick response to my question and item was received much sooner than expected. The box looks great. I think my boyfriend will like it. Thanks!
Lesley, MI 11-22-2013
The barrel went over great. My buddy loved it. The look was exactly like what I expected. Looks like a quality barrel.
Tambin, CA 11-22-2013
They look great.
Stewart, TX 11-21-2013
Everything looks great. Delivery was on time. Early actually! Which was cool. Thank you for your service!
Shannon, CA 11-21-2013
Ordering was easy on your website and we loved the money clip that we ordered.
George, CA 11-20-2013
Thank you for the great looking signs. I was very happy with the order and will use your company again in the future.
Kamran, CA 11-17-2013
Everything was great! My husband will love his Christmas gift! Thank you!
Shelley, TN 11-17-2013
I was impressed with how fast I received the product and pleased with it. Thanks again.
Sarah, WI 11-13-2013
Service was great. The product actually arrived 2 days sooner than expected! My father in law loved it.
Bill, MS 11-12-2013
Everything was good to go, thanks.
Steve, KY 11-12-2013
The engraved wine medallions looked amazing and I was very pleased with the quality. I was worried they would not arrive in time with my special occasion but they arrived very quickly indeed. Thank you for an amazing product.
Tatiana, NC 11-12-2013
The watch was perfect as a gift for mu husband as he graduated as a minister. BLESSINGS.
Donna, MI 11-11-2013
My order came out great! Only thing was that when I ordered online I thought I saw something that said I would receive a preview of my order prior to completing order to confirm everything was correct. I don't recall getting a chance to preview my order but everything turned out fine. Thanks!
Amanda, CA 11-06-2013
The order I placed and received from Black Ace Design was perfect and everything I had asked for. I will be back again!
Stephanie, DE 11-05-2013
I love everything that I ordered it even came before the expected date which was a plus. When I ordered the personalized wine glasses it gave me a few choices for font all were a print but when it came it was in script which is what I wanted anyway so it work out. My only suggestion would be would put a option on the site that gives you a choice of print or script.
Hannah, NY 11-05-2013
I was very satisfied with my order. It shipped very quickly and was pleased with the entire process. Thanks.
Ross, ND 11-05-2013
Everything with the order was fine to my knowlege. I gave the cask as a groomsman gift to my brother and have not talked with him since, but so far so good. Thanks for the follow up.
Paul, LA 11-04-2013
I was very happy with the print I ordered! Also the rush processing and 2 day ground shipping made my anniversary gift get delivered in time! Thank you very much and I will definitely use your company again.
Colleen, OH 11-03-2013
The mugs were great and the service could not have been better ? quick turnaround, and packed well. I appreciate the service, and the great communication.
Matt, NJ 11-02-2013
After an initial hangup, my order was promptly corrected. Superior customer service! These days, it is easier to shop online for things I need instead of going to the store. Generally, customer service is not something I'm concerned with as it is generally nonexistent with online shopping. Your company has gone above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied, very impressive work! I will definitely be ordering from Black Ace again.
Wesley, KS 10-29-2013
Everything was awesome. The guys loved them and emptied them very quickly...lol. Thanks for everything.
Paul, DE 10-28-2013
I just wanted to write and say I was very happy with my order and all the boys loved their groomsmen gifts!!! Great job! Also, I received my order on the exact day that I had said I needed it by.
Chris, PA 10-26-2013
Thank you for checking in and for the great service! We ordered remembrances for our staff regarding the one year anniversary of our coworker's sudden passing. We got started a bit late in our ideas and ordered these with no time to spare. Dan assisted me in making sure we received our engraved dog tags in time for the remembrance gathering. He arranged for the special shipping. They arrived on time and are perfect! They are high quality and beautifully engraved. We really appreciate all of the special attention and would recommend you all. Thank you for going the extra mile!
Gayle, MN 10-23-2013
The quality was excellent and I have absolutely no complaints about the design or the style. It was exactly as demonstrated on the internet. I would make one suggestion about packaging. I had 25 small boxes to go through to match pint glasses and growlers. It would be great if all of the pint glasses were packed by name. A small critique for otherwise excellent service. Thank you for the great service and speed! I have several friends getting married in the next year and I will definitely point them in your direction.
Joseph, NY 10-22-2013
Everything was excellent.
Robert, TX 10-22-2013
Everything was fine.. One of the knife cases had a little rust on it but besides that.. it was ok.
Neil, LA 10-21-2013
Very pleased. Package arrived much sooner than expected.
Jerome A, MI 10-16-2013
I just wanted to say that I am simply delighted with the cross I ordered. It touched me in a way that I cannot explain. If you have a little time, I would like to share the meaning of the cross I ordered. On December 11, 2012, my life was changed. I had been a diabetic for 34 years, had been on dialysis for 3 years and I felt my world was falling apart. I had been on a transplant list for 8 months. The morning of Dec. 11, that all changed. I received a call I had a deceased donor. TJ was my donor. I have recently been in contact with his family. I needed to express my gratitude by remembering him in some way. I came across your website and the cross. Thank you so much!! May God bless each of you.
Amy, LA 10-16-2013
LOVED it and so did the receiving couple ;o) Thank you for everything!!
Elizabeth, CA 10-16-2013
It looks lovely. Thank you for your service.
Ida Lee, NY 10-15-2013
You were more than accommodating. I appreciate your help. I will be sure to contact you on a future order. Thank you for everything. By the way. The fellas love the beerdoliers as we call them. They are awesome. I might hit you up for more since I have so many more friends who are jealous of them.
Brock, WY 10-15-2013
Satisfied. Thank you.
Keith, TX 10-14-2013
They look pretty nice, I'll definitely recommend them to people.
Chris, CA 10-14-2013
Thank you for your service. Got everything on time and was exactly what I wanted.
Michael, NV 10-14-2013
Everything was great. Thank you so much for expediting the order for us. It was extremely helpful and we very much appreciate it.
Rosemary, NY 10-09-2013
The phone case came out great and the shipping was fast! Thanks! I got it as a gift for my best friend and she loved it!! The price was reasonable too.
Marissa, NV 10-09-2013
My purhase got here really fast! and it looks just like I requested. When there was a minor problem I was contacted immediatley and it was taken are of. Two thumbs up!!
Jae'lin, LA 10-08-2013
I am very happy with my order! Thank you.
Lisa, CT 10-08-2013
My roommate loved the travel-sized cigar case. She has been a scotch lover for quite some time and has just started getting interested in cigars. It is personal (engraved), it's beautiful, and it's of solid construction. Many thanks.
Matthias, CA 10-01-2013
The order arrived in a timely fashion.
Adam, MN 09-26-2013
I was impressed the level of customer service you used. I got a confirmation email about my engaving. Wonderful! My mug came right on time (actually a day early). So cool the shipping dates were guaranteed! Thanks for your help! The boyfriend loves his new beer mug!
Elizabeth, IA 09-26-2013
Everything was great. Thanks!!
Gregory, OH 09-24-2013
Order turned out great the second time (the first one was unfinished but a new one was sent and everyone loved it!)
Michelle, MD 09-19-2013
My order came in a timely manner and was exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you.
Tim, PA 09-19-2013
Thank you for being able to process my order quickly and staying in constant communication with me about my order. I was very pleased with the gifts and quality of gifts from the feel to the presence.
Ambrosio, FL 09-18-2013
Thanks so much. Everything turned out just how I wanted it too. These will be great groomsmen gifts. The back and forth during the process was very helpful. Thanks again and I will be referring you to friends and family.
Dexter, IL 09-16-2013
Everything was terrific. My husband LOVES it, and so do I.
Adeline, PA 09-16-2013
I'm totally pleased with the purchase!
John, VA 09-13-2013
They look great. I didn't realize how small they were but the craftsmanship was superb. I have no complaints whatsoever with the product. Thank you very much for getting them to me so quickly.
Sean, NY 09-10-2013
best price I could find for this set and the guys all liked them.
Nicole, TX 09-09-2013
Everything went splendidly.
Ryan, WV 09-04-2013
I just received my order (personalized family name print) - just want to let you know that I LOVE IT!!! thank you so much for the quick turnaround, I know this is going to be a hit at our family reunion next week!
Debbie, TX 08-23-2013
Everything was great, everyone liked the gifts.
Scott, IA 08-20-2013
I was very pleased with my tags.
Susan, CA 08-13-2013
I received this order and it looks great!
James, WA 08-13-2013
Received the replacement glasses today all intact [broken in shipping]. Thanks again for resolving the problem and the quick response to the issue.
Evert, FL 08-12-2013
The print was great, and came faster than you estimated which got it here in time for my wife's birthday. Thanks much!
Tom, WI 08-11-2013
The canvas just arrived. I love it!!! Nice job and I can't wait to give it to my daughter. Thank you for your prompt and excellent customer service.